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Smoking while pregnant

I smoked before getting pregnant maybe 25/30 a day. Since becoming pregnant i have cut back but i havent quit. This is my third baby and i have done the same with my other two. Who else has done this or who else has quit and how did u? I feel like i cant


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OP Ignore these women, half are obviously stuck up moles with nothing better to do than beat someone else down.
When they have kids that do the same it will be on them .
Good on you for asking for help. For eh record I smoked after my dr told me I was too stressed and if I continued the way I was not only was I risking a miscarriage I was also going to be hospitalised.
To the bi****s- every little bit of karma You deserve nasty people.
Someone asks for help and you make them feel like shit, yeh nice work bet your mums are proud.
By the way half of your mums smoked with you- bet that's why your such cu**s.

 I guess your kids going to be a c**t then right, by your logic?
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You've cut back a lot which is great, just keep working at it. I'd try the delay tactics and a little reward for getting through, maybe use your smoke money for treats. When giving up I bought one pack, wrote the days on the actual cigarettes so that when Monday's two were gone that was it or I'd have none left for Tuesday. People will judge but you are concerned and trying, that's better than nothing. It's not fab to stay in a domestic violence relationship getting pushed down stairs while pregnant but nobody has a crack at someone staying put. It's not great to drink alcohol or have weed while pregnant but plenty of people 'just take the edge off'. It's not great to be moving furniture but I moved house at 36 weeks. It's not great to mentally or emotionally stressed but plenty of people put in full days at work with pressure crushing them or doing physically active jobs (strenuous cleaning etc) or ride a bicycle or horse while pregnant either. Do the best you can and if you feel like you should be trying harder then do.

I have been a smoker for 20+ years and Im not proud of it at all. I have 2 children 1 is 20 & the other nearly 6. My eldest is incredibly fit and healthy and stands at 6ft, did well in school and is at uni studying PE. My 5 yo is fit and healthy and has met all her milestones. Both came almost 3 weeks after due date. I have 3 friends who have had multiple still births/miscarriages who followed all "the rules" and were extra cautious about what they put in their bodies. While im not condoning smoking as we all know that there are no positive effects there are much worse things she could be doing and good on you for cutting down. I found the more pregnant i was the more embarrassing it was to buy ciggies and i wouldnt smoke in public either so that forced me to cut down more. I really wish i could kick the habit for good. I will keep trying and wish the OP luck with an awful addiction.

 This is disgusting. Thank god your children are ok. Call it an addiction but smoking begins as a choice.
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 I can't believe I just read this.
Wtf how deluded are you to say there are worse things she could be doing?! Urg 😖 Please.. Those who think it's ok to poison your babies, stop giving advice.

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I smoked and still do to this day. When i first saw two lines on the stick i started to wean myself off the ciggies and u know when ur super stressed my default is have a ciggie. We moved house when i was 3mth pregnant =stress =a couple of ciggies. Then i gave up again. A week before i was due i was stressed again and well that was it to kick me off again while we were in hospital i had maybe 1 the whole week but when we got home different story. I was always told its better to reduce ur intake then quit comd turkey coz it would put stress on ur body. So thats what i did. It is a really hard habit to break but i found if i did something else when the cravings hit i was ok. Like have a couple of sips of water good luck mumma :)

OP Thanks for the support. i have been trying to keep busy i can and try to distract myself etc
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Have you tried reading Allen Carr easy way to quit smoking. It works but you have to finish it.

OP No i havent heard of that i will google it now. Thanks for advice without judgement
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 I used this book and it worked for me.
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 You don't need judgement, you need support. Good luck op, try the book it is amazing and it explains a lot about smoking.
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My old neighbour cut down her smoking but struggled to quit while pregnant with her first. The baby was sadly stillborn. She was distraught and blamed herself for smoking even though she didn't know for sure if the smoking had actually caused this. With her other pregnancies after that she didn't smoke, every time she had cravings she pulled out a photo of the baby that she had lost to stop herself from smoking again while pregnant.

You don't deserve to be a mum

 Whats the bet this is same TROLL going around to every post telling mothers they dont deserve to be a mum because they may be struggling. They DO deserve to be parents and asking for help doesnt change that
I bet you are still sitting in your mums house- typical keyboard hero.

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Id been smoking like 10years before i found out i was preg with my 1st. I still smokeda few a day while i was working (hubby thought i uad quit) and then the day i went into hospital i said to my gf no i dont feel right . Stopped then and hadnt smoked for about 5years and now ive started again

I was a smoker when I fell pregnant with my first child, funnily enough it's how I discovered I was pregnant. I went to work one morning, done the tills then we all went outside for a coffee and a smoke. Except when I took my first draw, I ended up over the storm water drain vomiting.
I gave up then and there, cold turkey and didn't miss it.
I've had 2 more children since, don't get me wrong I still enjoy a smoke when I'm drinking or really stressed but I haven't wanted to take it up again.
If you're wanting to quit, I would speak to your doctor about the best way to go about it.
I've known a few people who've smoked all through their pregnancies and were the lucky ones who all had healthy babies! But best to talk to your care provider! :)
Good luck with your pregnancy! Xx.

Not that I condone it (because I think smoking is a weakness), but there are some arguments that quitting cold turkey whilst pregnant, for the women that aren't strong enough to handle it, can actually stress you out and in turn stress the baby out. I don't know how valid that argument is, but if someone is weak in their constitution then I can see it.
But, I know of someone who smoked whilst pregnant and her baby was born with a heart defect, requiring surgery. It is so far behind developmentally because of that.
I wouldn't want to take that risk, it's like you're playing Russian Roulette with your baby. All because you "think" you need a cigarette when that's just your addiction controlling you.
Me personally, I wouldn't want to be controlled by a little stick filled with chemicals and poisons.
So if you're serious - see your doctor, try a counselor (to help you handle stressful times) or even try meditation.
Because if you're going to smoke, you might aswell ignore all the warnings about cheese, sushi and processed meats too.

OP Im going to be the bad guy again but i still eat processed meat and all cheeses aswell....
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 ^ OP do you even care about the welfare of your children? You're so blaze about things that prove to be dangerous. I wonder if you think you know more than educated experts who spent years studying the risks at pregnancy.

Shame on you, really.

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 Omg i would be a ball of nerves if i ate any of that stuff preggers! So worried about how my baby was and if there was ever anything wrong i would never forgive myself. I stopped all the stuff i loved but could hurt bubs the second i discovered i was pregnant each time. It's such a short period of your life but your actions could destroy your child's whole life
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 ^^^ yep. I had a thickshake that had soft serve in it without thinking and when I realised I was so worried. I know the risk of listeria is small, but why risk it at all when listeria is so deadly? Forgoing certain food like processed meats, cheeses, soft serve is such a small sacrifice to make for a very short time.
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 ^^ I did the same with a thick shake I totally forgot about the soft serve in it till half way through and chucked it in the bin. I worried for weeks and told the doctor, he was wonderful and reminded me that it was ok and just be more cautious. So happy there was no judgement about it. I craved soft serve and salami through all my pregnancies, worst craving to get because you can't satisfy it.
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OP Yes i do actually care about the welfare of my children thanks HENCE WHY IM ASKING FOR ADVICE.... i eat what i want though. People have done it for years and had healthy babies. If u actually google what u cant eat while pregnant it is alot. Do u think but before there was internet and research they worried and still ate it and had healthy babies??
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 Did you forgo all meat aswell?
Food poisoning is a cause of premature birth.
And not to mention eating out when you don't know how food is being prepared

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 Well, before they realised the dangers of listeria, people were still getting it from eating the high risk foods and having miscarriages and stillborns because of it. But they just didn't know why. I don't buy that 'women were getting pregnant and having perfectly healthy babies before we got all paranoid about listeria' line. Isn't it great that researchers have identified something that was causing these risk and giving recommendations to pregnant mothers on ways to avoid the deadly infection? Wouldn't you do what you can to minimise the risk, even if this risk is small? Would you not wear your seatbelt when you get in your car because the chance of getting into a car accident is minimal also?
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 There is a difference between eating and wearing a seat belt ffs! How often would anyone eat all the bad foods on a daily bases like smoking that advice has been asked for or even getting in the car "without" a seatbelt ?! Not as much!!!!!!
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 Why are you getting upset? I think you've missed the point though. and if you don't get the analogy I made, then I can't really explain it any simpler.
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OP I am not getting upset. I asked for advice on not smoking... have you got any or just here to pass more judgement?? :-)
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 I think there is new research suggesting it is better just to quit. The risk of smoking on the baby compared to the risk of quiting is greater. Maybe try do a bit of research to see what you can find. Also don't just rely on you're dr knowing, not all are up with the latest research. They should've but not all are
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OP Of course its better to quit thats why i put myself out there and asked for opinions on ways to quit :-)
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 So in saying that you've come in here to ask for advice, and whilst some people have condemned you, some have given advice or tips to try. The question is now...What are YOU going to do. Because nothing will change unless you really, whole heatedly want it to.
Scientists haven't just given us these warnings because they've bored. People are alot more educated and informed these days so your excuse that they used to do it in the old days is a cop out. It is and you know. You're using it as an excuse to hide behind, to validate your choices and your attitude.
Ask yourself this...if something were to happen to your child because of your smoking and food choices, could you live with that knowledge?
Your baby may be fine, but your increasing the chances it won't. Are you really willing to bet on those odds?

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 Fact is women DIDNT use to all have perfectly healthy babies "back in the day". A large portion of babies unfortunatly didn't survive due to reasons we are now aware of, thanks to research and science! When you know better, why wouldn't you DO better! Why take such chances when you have so much information to help guide you to make safer choices?
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smell a troll post

 You're too paranoid.
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OP I got better things to do with my time then troll... its a serious question
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 I was hoping it was a troll post too
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I smoked heavily my first pregnancy and had an 8 pound baby who is sick maybe once a year, I'm halfway through my second pregnancy now, I had cut back while we were trying and gave up completely when I took my pregnancy test, my morning sickness hasn't been as bad but I have been having alot more issues with bleeding ect.

My mom quit when I took a photo down and she saw how gross her walls were. She realized what it was doing to her body of it was crudding up her new house that fast (less than a year of 2 packs a day).

Have you tried mints? I quit by brushing my teeth every time I wanted a smoke and couldn't quell it with mental fortitude. I had the nicest smile by the time I was over it.

 I want to try this. Prevent cavities and quit at the same time. I imagine your smile would have been so nice.
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I quit cold turkey when I fell pregnant. I was a bitch for a couple weeks, but everyone blamed the hormones. My mom had 2 sickly, tiny preemies from not quitting while pregnant and 3 chronically ill kids from smoking around them their whole lives. I am the oldest and was raised by my grandparents. My mom was too young to smoke when u was born. I was a teenager when she has my siblings. They are all sick all the time still.