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Anyone follow teen mom here?

How has Jenelle Evans and her husband not been arrested yet? Shooting a dog, child abuse, drug use!


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She’s honestly a loser, loser men, loser everything. She’s a waste of space

Gotta give her props she lined up her ducks in a row after the dog incident to get the hell iut, copped a lot of flack for not leaving and clearly just bided her time to wait for the right opportunity.
Seems like she had it all set up. Which could well have taken months.

I don’t like her at all but smart cookie on this one. Also barb for putting up with him to maintain the relationship with her daughter so she had somewhere to go when she was ready to keave

You ladies are nutters. You would rather risk having your child’s face half ripped off by a dog? Rather than dealing with a dangerous situation before it arises. Lets all face it - a dog is an ANIMAL and can be quite dangerous. Especially if they are not properly trained and in the right place in the family. At the bottom of the pack. A dog at the bottom will not growl to a toddler’s face. Putting a dangerous dog down by shooting it instead of a lethal injection at the vets is such a big deal? Really? Both are quick. You ladies spin me out. Social constructs at their finest. You are placing the value of the dog as a family member (common). And then ignorantly assuming it is a minor thing for it to growl at a child (big mistake).

 He allowed his child to get in a dog face who gave many warnings it was uncomfortable.
There’s literally video evidence and it didn’t bite his kid he snapped at it as she ignored every warning and didn’t even break skin or leave a mark his “mark” was a flushed cheek.

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I used to love it. But now I dont like any of them!!! Janelle is a nutter, Leah is a wh**e, Chelsea talks like a baby which drives me insane, Brianna is ok but her mum annoys me. And this new jade chick? Woah. I'm very picky 😂😂😂😭

How do you follow it?

OP Look up The Ashley's Reality Roundup, good source
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I love teen mom! But jenelle isn't one I like to watch.

OP What she had done is so vile same with her husband I hope karma gets them
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She’s just in another damn DV relationship she can’t seem to help it.
Hope this is the one that makes her wise up.

Though she’s not blameless and I can’t stand her homegirl dates a lot of deadbeats.

OP Yes but shooting a pet dog, and only "considering" a divorce or pressing charges she needs a wake up call before she or her kids end up dead
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 Yeah David is a psycho
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Half of it is probably just rubbish makes no sence to me