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How often to you buy yourself new everyday undies?


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Every now and again, when I see a pair I like ill buy them, when I notice a pair getting on a bit....I'll chuck em out

Maybe every 6 months to a year. I buy a few packs at a time though.

When they get holes, always in the same spot too, damn those spikey pubes.

I don't wear jndies

 She asked about undies not jndies
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2-3 times a year I'll buy myself a couple of pairs. I probably have about 15 pairs of undies.

Every 5 years

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 Haha same here!
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 Good. Thought I was weird
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I buy new ones as soon as the old ones fade or get a hole or start sagging. As soon as I buy a pair I throw a pair out. (Or however many pairs I buy, that's how many I throw)

I have some that are prob 9 years old!!! Not very often , I used to buy the Lycra ones from target at $6 each, now I buy the 7 in a pack !!!

I just counted all of my clean undies.....62 pairs!!!!

Holy shit I didn't even realise.

I buy new undies when i see cute pairs on sale, when I notice a pair of mine have a hole or are looking a bit run down, I just chuck em out!

I also have special cotton only undies that I wear to bed, and other lacy/lycra pairs that I wear during the day. Weird, I know!

 my oldest pair however, I can't part with them.

I've had them for 6 years and they're completely see-through, have a hole in the butt section, elastic is so stretched it looks like I'm wearing a nappy.

I love them, hubby doesn't ;)

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Normally before holidays. Gotta make sure you bring decent underwear! Otherwise when I haven't done the laundry in a while and have no clean pairs left in the drawer. So usually 1-2 times a year.