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Any ideas how to make new friends with your 30 lol


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I joined a gym (crossfit) & have met some nice ladies. We have coffee every few weeks after the gym. I've been invited to play social tennis & a learn to play golf group.

I used to be pretty lonely but have made so many friends from going to the gym!

volunteering and hobbies. I have found friends via my local parkrun, started as a regular became a regular volunteer and now I am part of a running group and we have drinks/dinners and love spending time with them.

When you are in a social situation invite people over for coffee. Swap numbers. There are alot of people in the same boat but step out of the comfort zone and make the first move. Not everyone will turn out to be a bestie but you will find someone who you might click with :)
I would LOVE getting invited to do something.

Not enough information given.
Does it matter to you whether said friends are online or in real life?
Are you seeking someone to go out and have a coffee with or perhaps go shopping, or would just hanging out in some way and chatting be ok?
I ask this because as a gamer (someone who plays online games with other people) I have met LOADS of people!
Sure, some are on the other side of the planet, but because of the realm I am in (it's how some online games are organised, via areas, US, EU, Oceanic, etc), I have met many more from my own country and even some nearby!
Also, you are doing something fun with friends without having to leave home, and sometimes, that can be awesome!
Have a think about it as an option.

And like others have already mentioned, if it's actual contact you're looking at finding, find a hobby you'd like to to do more and enroll in a class or whatever they have available.
Ceramics clubs, for eg, just have really nice setups that their members can use to muck about with clay and learn from one another, as some might not have the room for a setup, or the money to buy all the fancy equipment needed. Just an example though. :)

Do you mean when you're 30? Try connecting with your local community. Do some volunteering, go to council meetings, sign up for a sport or connect with people in your area who have the same hobbies.