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I am in pain 24/7 and am miserable, I am slowly giving up. I have no family or friends to talk to or help me.


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Can I ask what type of pain you are in? I have crps and it's pure hell :( if you ever need to talk I am here xxx

Sorry to hear you are in pain and feeling so low. Please seek as much professional help as you need to lift you out of your pain. & misery so you can see the joy that life is.

Have you got access to a doctor and community center? You can make a really good network of support people if you are able to go to any of the support or activity groups and start to make some friends.

Have you tried going to a pool and walking around? It might be less painful then walking and it sounds like exercise might lift your spirits.

This sounds like depression. I had severe, widespread body pain before I began treatment (meds and talk therapy). Maybe a trip to the doctor and a little life shake up would help

Go see a chiropractor! You would be amazed at how much better you feel after one week! :)