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Sensitive child

My daughter is 8 and is so sensitive. Always has been. School is very difficult, if someone wants to play at a different playground (just an example) she will cry about it at night. It's always something. I don't know how to help her thicken her skin or help her learn how to deal with that stuff? Help please I have no idea how to handle this. She loves to read so any books that could help please let me know :)


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My daughter was like this, it helped to put her in a lot of different activities. Different sports, drama, singing, art, music, after school/holiday programs to expose her to different people and always introducing change in a subtle way. She isn’t an extrovert at all but at least now as a teen she can deal with uncertainty and new things. Start now while she is young otherwise she might develop anxiety, also she might find a hobby or sport she really enjoys. My daughter stills loves playing netball and playing piano at 16 when most teens are giving things up.

OP Thanks, sports is a great idea. Xx
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Has she got any siblings ?
If yes age and sex ?

OP She has a younger sister who is 6. Very different. My youngest is a free spirit type child. If someone doesn't want to play with her she has a "their loss" attitude.
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 Have you spoken to her dad if he’s in the picture ?
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 Where you a sensitive child ?
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OP No I wasn't, neither was hubby.
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I just bought the book. Understanding the highly sensitive child and it’s follow up. I can’t recommend it enough. For you child, Hey Warrior is a good option about anxiety and why we feel that way

My son is like this also, he is nine and it was picked up when in kindergarten. His teacher then suggested giving him jobs to help build resilience and become more independent. We started simply by walking to and from the car to the classroom without me, graduated to more things and currently if I need bread or milk, I will sit on the car while he goes into the supermarket to get it and pay for it, things like this I have found do really help and it's not an overnight thing, some days he will get really overwhelmed and upset especially if he feels like he has let himself down so it all takes a lot of time, a lot of little lessons, good luck.

OP I've been trying to get her to pay for stuff at the shops, even if I'm near her. But she won't. I'll keep encouraging thank you!
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 I found just doing paywave helped as well
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I was a sensitive child and it did turn into anxiety. It really didn't stop until about 20 when I had counselling. Mayby it would help your daughter as they give strategies to help cope with situations and let me know that I did have anxiety.

My 13yo was the same and it developed into chronic anxiety. The best thing i did was take her to our doctor and have a chat. Best of luck xx

OP Thank you, I might do that xx
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So if you google dr James coulson he is Australian and has a lot of parenting advice and he has a book a build resilience in kids

OP Thank you x
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