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Is it racist?

So I've been on this dating site for a while and I'm being inundated with messages from indian men who want to date me. They're very sweet but a few times now when I've said sorry I'm not attracted to you they get offended. I've noticed some women actually put no indians in their profile! It feels racist but if it's a personal preference on who you want to date then is it?


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Not racist, simply a preference. I have met a lot of lovely Indian men but not attracted to them at all.

They are looking for a visa, as if their mothers would let them marry a white person for real

Not racist. I don’t want to date anyone I’m not physically attracted to and I’m not generally attracted to Indians.

I’m a sex worker and my ad says “no Indians” they’ show up with less money and try to shove it in your a*s. I hate Indians

 Why would they shove money in your a*s?
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 I think she means they try to have abal sex, not suff money up her bum 😂
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 😆 i think the commentor knew that they were being funny
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 I also immediately thought of money up the butt 😂
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I'm not attracted to Africans but that doesn't make me racist. Thinking they are all HIV infected bludgers, however, is.

I used to find them attractive when I was younger. But based on my experiences, with their cheating and lying and manipulation at work, pushy behaviour when being a customer of them, with internet dating, and telephone scammers, I hate and despise them.

If I answer the landline now and its an Indian , or Indian sounding, voice I just put the phone down.
I suppose I have become racist, linking my aversion to typical behaviour to the physical characteristics of people who display that behaviour.

But I would not say "no Indians" on my dating profile; I would just ignore them or politely decline, and block them if they start to pester. I went on one date with one, and got pushed up against my car in the parking lot, with him saying "you know you want it, come to my place now". Never again.

I love Indian women. Sexy.

 If you love the smell of body odour.
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 Yeah, not the ones that cook curry and dont open their doors or ventilate and everything stinks. That is so gross. And yes, they themselves have a bad bo. I am actually Anglo Indian myself and can't stomach it. The ones mixed british are hot.
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Would it be racist if they didnt want to date white women?

Not racist but weird they are going for Australian girls

If there was an Indian who had "no Caucasian females" I wouldn't think it's racist. He just knows what he wants.

I'm only usually exclusively attracted to caucasian guys. I dont know if that's racist but I can force myself to like guys I dont like.

Maybe if you put no African, Asian, Sudanese etc but I think its personal preference. Most sites let you state what you want Caucasian etc its not racist making horrible comments is.

 Thats a good point. You can say who you are looking for. You don't have to mention who you arent attracted to
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