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I need help, helping my son understand his emotions.

My son is 12 yrs old and his behaviour has changed and he is not acting the same. He recently threatened a girl at school and what he said shocked me. I know he is at the age his emotions are all over the place, but how to I let him know that he can speak to me. I have told him I am always here for him. His father and i seperated years ago and my son seems to be pushing away from my husband (whom I have been with for 9 years, and was there when his real father was no where to be seen). How can I help him?


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Please talk to school councellor or well-being officer. If there is no one go to your local gp or community centre councellor before things escalate further..

On top of the other advice do you have your own story or know it any other male who could share with him their own story of the difficulties of that age, struggles with peers, feeling alone, unhappy etc? I find talking yo kids about your own or others experiences really help., even him feeling to pull away can be am experience.. or other kids at the school.

Sounds like he's reached an age where it's hurting him that his real father is not involved. I would suggest individual and family counseling to help him