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Would you be happy if your child was a tradie ?


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As long as they have a job, skill and are happy yes

 Definitely this.
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I would be thrilled. My family are academics - they have brilliant minds and can barely do anything practical lol. They worship my tradie husband because he can fix their leaking shower or take out a wall and gyprock the gap - stuff that would cost thousands! If my children have useful skills Australia needs them to be tradies!

 Love this response xx
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Are you implying you wouldn't?

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Happy, well adjusted, contributing to society, good people - that’s what I am trying to instil. They can do this in any career.

Hell yeah!! They make great money and have a useful skill 👍

Absolutely if they are happy and employed I'd be very happy

I would rather they do a relevant trade than 4 years at uni and not know if they will have a job at the end of it. Tradies are paid well and if they get to start their own business or get into supervisor positions with big companies or mines then they rake it in, more than most people earn. My son wants to be a sparky and I couldn't be happier with that choice.

 My brother is a sparky. All the people that used to give my mum p.a. comments about their kids being at uni and my brother doing an apprenticeship are now eating humble pie.
Their uni educated kids couldn't get a job after getting their degree and now mostly work as supermarket attendants and my brother now owns his own business and is raking it in.

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 ^^^^^^^exactly this!!!
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 My problem with this response is that life is not about money. In my opinion those people who only talk about raking it in and not mentioning anything else are usually not the type of people I’m interested in talking too. People are so obsessed with so many toys and it’s just so detrimental to children, seeing adults acting like this, to the environment and society aswell, hence the addiction with phones.
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 Well thanks for judging me based on this one comment. I could go onto other stuff but honestly I don't know, there are a lot of trades out there that are totally different to each other, how can I be more descriptive? I have been on a low income all my adult life so yes I do think a good paying job is important for my kids. I want them to buy a home, travel and not stress about money like I have had to. It's got nothing to do with phones and toys lady.
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 The people who say money can't buy happiness are people who haven't suffered poverty. Millions won't make you happy but my good a good steady income that covers your basic needs gives you the security to be happy.
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My daughter had a disagreement with her kindy teacher at their kindy graduation because she wanted to write on the board ‘when I grow up I want to be happy’
Obviously they were looking for doctor, policeman all that crap. She gave in and asked for police man. We got a blown up picture of her holding the board. she got a sharpie pen and wrote happy over the top of police man (in front of the teachers on the last day of kindy) and literally danced out of kindy!

I think she will make a good barrister!

I do hope they never join the army because I have zero trust in our government and couldn’t think of anything worse than my kids being deployed and the worry for long periods or become a correctional officer/police officer because they get zero respect
I would be more than happy if they became tradies!

Id be thrilled.
Most building tradies co-ordinate with others in different trades to complete jobs, so they have a network of people whose work they have learned to trust, and built friendships with, and I see them helping each other out on their own home renovations.
I think that's a massive advantage on top of their earning capacity.
They are often very intelligent, just in a practical, not academic way.
I worked on a major digital telecom system installation, and it was one of the techies, not any of the Engineers, who worked out how to create practical solutions to my needs as the customer representative, that worked like a dream, and that even the manufacturers of the system said it was impossible to do.
The Marketing guys, with their marketing degrees were a useless pack of waffling wankers (and liars).

My eldest daughter cuts hair and works for herself using a part of my house, and saving to buy a salon.
I’m incredibly proud of her she’s got some “high profile” clients.

My little boys with either be sport stars or mechanics lol.
At 9 months old they would try to look under cars and flip any toy car to see it work.
But they are also freakishly co ordinated so I’m crossing my fingers for sportstar lol.

I rented in a nice area on the canals. Some of the homes were amazing and after speaking to the occupants a lot of them were owned by tradies or business owners or managers of big businesses whom had started out as tradies. I would be thrilled if any of my kids took a trade.

All of my kids are tradespeople. My daughter is an electrician, my eldest son is a plumber and youngest son is a chippy. I've very proud of my honest and hardworking kids. They actually WORKED for their titles and the respect they have. Hoping my grandkids follow in their parents footprints

Yes. I'm sure at least one of mine will be. As long as they are happy and safe, I'm happy 😊

F**k yeah! Do you know how much they can earn?! Plus being able with their hands and minds.. nothing more I could ask for.