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What is something that your husbands does that you find cute or sweet?


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My husband brings home a fresh cappuccino every single day for me. On the weekends, he'll go out and get me one. He has done so every single day since I became a stay at home mum for our first daughter 5 years ago 😊

 That's $30 a week, I'd invest in a coffee machine!
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 Mine makes me one in our coffee machine. Just as special and it doesn't cost a fortune. $30 a weekx 52x 5 years is $7,800. That is a very nice family holiday.
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 I have been looking at coffee makers but I only drink the one cup a day so I'm not that invested in trying to learn the different types and how to use it, etc.
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 That is really sweet! And btw it is not your money so who cares! Enjoy your one coffee a day!
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i have recently got a cpap machine and every night without fail he would put new water in it, if i fall asleep with out my mask on he will wake me up to put it on and if i take it off during the night he wakes me up to put it back on, Its a small thing but it is lovely.

 He is doing the because he doesn't want to hear you snore all night!
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Lies to me... Like the other day he told me I was more beautiful than Daenerys from GoT.

He sets his alarm early so that he can roll over and snuggle up to me so I wake up in his arms every morning.

I've been with my husband for 26 years. He opens the car door for me and shuts it after I get in. He tells me he loves me every day.

Makes me a cup of tea and leaves it on my bedside table when he comes in and gived me a kiss before he leaves for work

When I go out he waits up no matter how late I come home.
He always makes sure my phone is charged and will fill up the car s when he drives it so I find have to.

He always kisses me goodbye and says i love you everyday before he leaves for work. He leaves at 3:45am so sometimes I'm half asleep but it doesn't matter.

 Mine does this too. except he leaves at 4:30
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Always fills the car, makes sure I get a break on the weekends and gets my cup and teabag ready in the morning.

He will leave me little love notes around the house during the week. Nothing huge, but just a simple 'I love you' or 'have a good day'. He hides them while I'm asleep. I love finding them, especially when I'm having a bad day. If he doesn't have time to write a note he will send a text.
He always cuddles me before he goes to sleep, even if I've been asleep for hours before he comes to bed.
He always makes sure to ask how my day was, and wants to know what I did that day (I'm a SAHM and our days are all pretty much the same but he still wants to know)

He calls me sexy wifey at least twice a week even after 10yrs of marriage and 2 kids.

He always makes me tea/coffee when he makes one for himself, without even asking.

I love a sunday morning pastry from the bakery, he always insists on running down and grabbing them and comes back and makes me a coffee on the coffee machine.

He jumps back in to bed for 5-10 mins each morning and spoons me, continuously squeezing me tight like he can't get me close enough. Even if I'm still asleep.

It's the little things 😍