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What is a good gift idea for the kids teachers?

How much do you spend?


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As a teacher, I don't eat home made food gifts and neither do my colleagues, you just never know what kind of kitchen hygiene people have.. even if you think you do.

 True! I appreciate that they took the time to bake something, but I usually just chuck it.
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Maybe make a donation to a charity that helps school kids in 3rd world countries?

 I would rather do something like this in lieu of giving gifts to anyone (not the littlies of course - they wouldn't understand just yet
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 What about the Aussie school kids that go without?
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 Fine, a charity that helps Aussie school kids that go without. Happy?
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 ^^this 👍
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 The Smith family.
Charity begins at home.

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I am a teacher and I chuck out homemade edible food in home bin

I usually gift a bottle of wine. It stores well, there's no rush to use it by a set date, and we come from the Barossa area originally so it's a more personal gift from our family. Also, if they don't drink, it's easy to regift it.
Honestly, if I had to spend 6 hours a day with 30 little kids 5 days a week, I'd probably drink 😂

If you do that though, make sure to buy a quality drop. We have a particular brand that we stick with, that wins awards often enough that it's easy to find a nice bottle. And make sure you wrap it discreetly. Alcohol isn't allowed on school property. But a properly wrapped box could be holding anything 😉

Is this something that can be put to other mums about going in on a joint present? I really want to get the teacher a great present and figure most parents will do the same, but the teacher will then end up with 20 handmade crappy gifts rather than $100 spa voucher etc

 agree. stuff to just fill the op shop.
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I work at school and one of the best gifts was a beautiful cheese platter for the staff to share at lunch time, And with all the end of year performances and Christmas stuff teachers often go with out lunch because they are to busy

A plant. Desk calendar. Nice scarf.
Something hand made by your child.

I recommend doing a search (on this forum) for teacher presents, this tends to get asked every year 🙂

It depends, my preppies teacher and my year 2 daughters teacher have been amazing this year, so I’ll spend about $150 each.
I get a massage voucher, and I make some Brazilian treats, and I also get them a haircut voucher from my girl I use who I know gives the most amazing haircuts. She’s my friend so she does a cheaper price for the cut usually once they use her they will go back so it works for her. Then my kids make them a pot and we put plants we grow in them.

But for my sons teacher, he hasn’t been too great with him so My handmade Brazilian treats will be all. Which we give to all their teachers (jujitsu , dance, swimming ect)

 Brown nose wiper
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 Talk about being an arse wiper
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 Lol why reply the same thing twice??
I call it appreciating someone who’s spent a whole year loving and teaching my child, going out of their way to meet them where they are at and being the reason my kids were happy to go to school every day.

Seems like the least I can do to say Thankyou for not just showing up for a pay check, but investing into my child everyday with the energy, time and emotion.

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 The teacher does not love your child. In 20 years of teaching and parenting i can say i have never received or heard of teachers getting such expensive gifts. Schools always have a gift policy and generally anything over $20 is not allowed to be accepted and if it is, it must be declared. A gift of $150, accepted could end up in dismissal.

I think this commenter is not being truthful.

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 Oh what a load of bullshit teachers not being able to accept such gifts!
You must live in a super low economic area if you have never heard of teachers getting such gifts.

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 It's pretty standard across government/education to declare gifts. I worked at a uni & anything of value they'd snatch for themselves. I won a $1000 technology item at a conference.

Tried to do the right thing (was told not to by seasoned conference colleagues) but declaration form didn't ask where the item came from, but where 'their' item would be stored, it's value etc. It took full ownership. I just 'filed' the form for later. I knew they were about to make me redundant..... It's still in my media room!!

No one seemed to care enough to chase it up though.

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 What an idiot! Hahahaha
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 I’m a teacher, iv been gifted gift certificates fairly regularly. It’s never been an issue for me in 9 years? Also I love my students. Every year it’s also sad to send them off.
I wouldn’t do this job if I didn’t love my kids.

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 Idiot? For not declaring & keeping? Um, ok.
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 Idiot for spending over$300 on teachers gifts
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 We are pretty comfortable. $300 on gifts at the end of the year toward someone who makes my kids day good 5 times a week, actually doesn’t feel enough.
$300 isn’t “a lot” of money to us.
When we were on 20k a year it was lol. But not.
We make an extremely comfortable living, (as in I will be retired before 40)

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Public school teachers are being showered with luxury presents like jewellery and Yves Saint Laurent perfume in a worrying trend which experts warn effectively amounts to bribing teachers.

Teachers have accepted jewellery valued at $700, spa treatments valued at $250 and a $100 bottles of Yves Saint Laurent Perfume Baby Doll perfume, school documents obtained by The Daily Telegraph through Government Information Public Access (GIPA) rules reveal.

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Depends on how good the teacher is. A crappy teacher gets a box of chocolates. The good ones get massage vouchers, alcohol and chocolates.

Had anyone had any success with pitching together with other mums to give one large present?? Umm I find the mothers of my kids classes interesting to say the least.

 We did this a couple of years ago for my daughters class. The class parent rep organised it and we all put in $10 for a voucher to the big casino in our capital city. I think almost every parent put in.
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 Please dont do this, for single parents this is a nightmare.
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 Omg here’s a bunch of cash go gamble lol
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 ^^it wasn't compulsory to put in for it.

^couple of points:
-teachers are allowed to gamble too, they're not nuns
-the casino offers more than just gambling. Maybe she spent it on the theatre there, or a restaurant. Maybe she sat at the pokies all night. Who knows.

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 With this idea, how good a ride do parents who put it $5 get , while others put in $50. Like splitting a bill at a restaurant where you pay for someone else’s lobster and champagne
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 ^the gift voucher was purchased after people put money in. So, your comment is a little weird. Do you think a voucher for $287 would be any less appreciated?
I don't understand how anyone could object to this idea. Are you imagining the parent rep demanding cash with a machine gun in hand? Or the teacher taking the money and using it to hit orphans or something?
"We pooled resources (voluntarily!) to give someone a gift, omg the indecency!"

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 I meant some people put in $50, others $5, the whole gift card could total x amount. Makes the people who put in $5 look like they put in more than they have.
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 Does it really matter though? If you want to only put $5 then do that. If people want to put $100 then that’s up to them. It’s not a contest of who put in what; and the person that organises is doing so purely for the teacher and not to judge everyone.
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I work with Pre School children and really appreciate every gift I receive at the end of the school year. I think; a small potted plant, chocolate (seriously, you can never have too much), a handwritten note that is heartfelt, book voucher, soaps....😊

 Chocolate....that is funny you say that because every teacher I’ve talked to says no more chocolate. It seems to be the default gift and after a while they get tired of it.
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 I’m a teacher I don’t get tired of it :)
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$120 endota spa

 On your own??
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I spend maybe $30 per teacher. More or less depending if I like them. And then I also spend around the same for the principle.

Go in with other mums 5 bucks. Im a minimilist and while i appreciate the thought can not keep any more cups jars pots etc so it generally gets donated.