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Has anyone caught any diseases in Bali? Were you vaccinated? Thanks I advance :)


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Get travel insurance

Im so sick of idiots begging on go fund me because they are stupid enough not to get travel insurance.

 Yes!! Or don't read the policy & aren't covered. It makes me ridiculously angry that people give them money!!!
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The only thing you'll get is Bali belly and maybe rabies from monkeys. Eat well cooked food from clean places (stay away from salads) and don't go to the monkey forest.

 Had to laugh at that 'the only thing you'll get is Bali belly and maybe rabies from monkeys'....Thank goodness nothing serious then
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Just Bali Belly. Go see your Doc for shots, like Hep A & Tetanus Boosters. Don't worry about Malaria tablets.

My husband is not a drinker. He went on a work trip and drank way too much and got sick. He told everyone he had Bali Belly. He didn’t. He drank too much, threw up and had a hangover.

Bogan’s paradise

 Yeah baby 🤣
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I'm here now. Been here 10 days. We're all fine. I've had a few rumbles in my tummy but nothing. We were all vaccinated and if you're worried you can buy something called travelan and take it before you eat. I heard super colostrum does the same. Boosts good gut bacteria. Relax and enjoy. Most places are fine now for ice and to eat salads.

 Thanks. Might see you there 😘
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 Well that backfired and I copped Bali belly today!! Activated charcoal tablets (norit) work a treat though!!!!!
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 ^^oh no. Maybe I jinxed you 😂😂
I hope you feel better soon xx

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Ooh what kind of diseases are getting around Bali that we aren't already vaccinated for? Legit question because we are heading there next year.

 I've Been told I should be vaccinated for MMR, typhoid and hep A. Although this may be because I have multiple sclerosis and have a shit immune system.
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Not myself, but friends got Bali belly, and food poisoning

 How would you know the difference between the two? Not being rude, I’ve just heard people complaining about food poisoning when they were drinking heavily and not being careful with the water so it was probably not food poisoning at all.
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 Separate occasions, they go to Bali several times a year and medical treatment was sort. I don't know how they tell between the two, but only one member of the family was sick at the one time, maybe they check stool specimens or something
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You don't need vaccinations for entry, but these are usually to stop you spreading disease in their country, not getting a disease there.
Check out a travel vaccination clinic for advice. They'll tell you what the risks are & you can decide what to do.

I go often and have never even had Bali belly. I use mosquito spray whenever I head out. Have never had vaccinations for the trip,

You don’t need additional vaccinations for bali any more. Bali belly is the biggest concern, but the food is better than it used to be. Still do not drink the water though. Also, protect yourself against mosquitos because dengue fever is around