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Can anyone recommend any decent sex toys?

Me and my husband are pretty vanilla but have decided we want to start experimenting with sex toys! Can anyone recommend any decent ones?


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WeVibe is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! the new one can blue tooth hook up to your phone so you can wear it (while cleaning the house ext) and hubby can control it. It sits on your clit and g-spot. When it is time for hubby to join you just leave it in as he goes in AMAZING!!!!

 Where might I get this from???
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 I absolutely hated the wevibe :( it hurt 😩
helpful (0) a consultant for APRIL NITES we have the WeVibe if u want me to emailu a copy of the catalogue~
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 I don't recommend, it's Awkward and didn't get me off
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 I’ve been saving up for this!
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The vibrating cocktail ring is a pretty vanilla place to start.

 C**k* my autocorrect is not ok with naughty words lol
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Hehe a cocktail sounds good :-) have already used those looking to go up a level ..........

 There are some books with games, role play ideas, positions. Nipple clips are popular (I was a little too sensitive for that). Hubs got me remote control panties. I wear them out and he teases me all evening. By the time we get home, I'm crazy for him. He wants to try some public sex (like sneaking in a park or the bathroom at the bar), but I'm not too keen on that.
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A butt plug in whilst hubby does me doggy and I'm rubbing my clit with a vibe! Gets me off in seconds!