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Teen friends catching up during the restrictions

So we are allowed out to exercise and we are allowed to be 2 people and those 2 people don't have to be from the same house. So, can 2 teens go bike riding together?


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Honestly, agreed. So sick of people looking for loopholes and whinging about being at home. Get over yourselves and stfu about it. If you don't care about your own health and safety, at least have the decency to think of others. Your stupid, selfish, pissy "I'm such a victim because I/my active kids have to stay home" is revolting and pathetic. It's really not that hard, ffs!

OP Selfrightous much? I'll follow the rules, but if i can legally do something ill bloodywell do it! No way am i stsying locked in my house for 6 months! Doesn't mean i plan to put myself or others at risk, but we are allowed to wald, ride etc so our family will be doing as much of that as possible
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 Change your wording. You are not stuck at home. You are safe at home. This isn’t going away for awhile. The best thing we ALL can do is stay at home. My kids are missing their friends too. They are missing their sports, they are both competitive martial artists and were in training for some major competitions this year. It is all on hold now, just like everything in everyone else’s life. No on likes it, it’s just the way things have to be for now. Just because you can “legally” do something doesn’t mean you always should.
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 Im in WA, things arnt so bad over here
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I am truly astounded by OP's pitiful behaviour and poor excuses.

 Shjhh you're not aloud to disagree with her, haven't you worked that out yet? I honestly don't know why she bothered asking the question she clearly going to do whatever the f**k she wants.
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Ignore all these self righteous idiots. Yes two teens can go for a bike ride together, making sure they keep about 2m apart. I would also time limit it, say an hour or so and then they need to go back to their own homes. They cld do this everyday so they can keep some sort of normalcy going and keep their bodies and minds moving.

 Love this and agree 100% 👍
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 Self righteous idiots? Really? Call me self righteous if you want but I feel like following the suggestions of, I don’t know, every leading health advisor out there is the right thing to do. I think ALL of staying home (barring those that have to go out) is the best thing. I’d rather be self righteous than get someone sick or worse.

The advice is if you do not have a legitimate reason to be out, ie food, medicine, work, exercise (alone or with family, not friends) then you need to stay at home.

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They can go for a ride together! For fu**s sake, someone from my small costal town, published a pic on Facebook of people from the same household (!) going for a swim at one of the local beaches. There were three families, about 50-100m from each other. And everybody shaming them for being outside!

 You’re allowed to be outside, as long it is with the members of your household, and keep safe distancing from others. 50m away in open air sounds reasonable to me, these people criticising on Facebook are wrong.
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My understanding is that they can but still need to keep their distance. A friend and I have told our teens that they can hang out for a few hours every now and then once we've completed our full 2 week isolation. As for the other party, I feel you have to trust that they've been doing the right thing as well and are not infected 😊

OP This seems really sensible, realistic and responsible. I think mental health is really important and exercise and maintaining friendships is a big part of that. Hope you kids enjoy their catch ups, stay safe xxx
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I love it when people use the 'mental health card' to be selfish. Honestly your kid is a teen, they are old enough to understand what is going on. I have 2 teens who are keeping in contact with friends and family via
- their school/ class discussion board
-old school letters/ notes
-facetime/ disc call

Things that they are doing in our house/ backyard for exercise
-practicing dance routine
-beep test
-basketball/ netball
(Heaps of exercise/ dancing vids online that your daughter could do with her friend via facetime).

OP Yeah, teen boys aren't into dancing and yoga. They need to burn off energy. None of their classes are online. Mental health is not a selfish excuse - if you look at the stats, the rate of death frim suicide is WAY above COVID 19. The economy, fall out and mental health will become a much bigger issue and longer lasting than this virus
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 So, are you saying that if your teenage children can't ride a bike with a friend, they are going to commit suicide?
You are ridiculous

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 I wrote this response and I have a teen boy and a girl...and he has done tik tok dancing with his sister. You are just trying to justify and make excuses for your selfish behaviour. If everyone just stays home and does the right thing then we can all get back to living our lives sooner...this virus has really highlighted how bloody selfish and egocentric people are.
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 OP, you’re wrong. If we don’t social distance and quarantine now we will see covid infection rates and death rates sky rocket well beyond the suicide rate. In case you haven’t noticed, we are in the grips of a global crisis. Communicate with your kids. Help them find strategies to cope. Help them find ways to adapt, just like we all have to.
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No, you stick with the people in your bubble. No visits or catch ups with others.

Someone gave you suggestions and you immediately focused on the things from that list that you can't do! If you really want to help your kids you need to change your mindset. Don't focus on all the things that you can't do, all the people that you can't see or all the places that you can't go instead redirect your focus to the things you can do, ways to keep in touch with friends/ family and make plans of places you want to go when this is over. Good luck.

 Thanks for making us better people yogi.
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