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How do you feel about housework?

I hate it. I also don't feel that being a sahm means that it should all fall to me. My "job" is looking after the kids. I see housework as the filing part of sahm role. Like most office jobs there's often some filing involved, it just has to be done but isn't a core part of the role. So I do most of the housework in my own way when I have time. What I really hate is tidying up when my husband is home. If he eats his dinner, grabs a beer and sits down to watch sport smoke starts to come out of my ears! It makes me feel like a servant if I'm cleaning while he relaxes. He doesn't do this much usually he starts the clean up while I get baby to sleep. I do mostly try and get things done as I go but if I don't I think it should then be a shared chore.
Do other people feel like me?


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I'm the opposite, I feel like it is and should be my "job" and I truly don't have a problem with it. I quit my full time job to be a Stay at home mum.
When I was a full time working mum it was a shared responsibility and now that I'm not working I think it's fair that I do it all, I am the one at home the most, It's easier on all of us if I do it and to be honest my husband is working hard to pay the bills.

Besides that, It truly isn't that hard.. I probably spend an hour and a half total cleaning every day, not all at once, bit by bit when I feel like it and my house is usually spotless.

I'll do the dishes, play with the kids, vacuum the floors, watch a movie with the kids, put the washing on, do some art with the kids, hang out the washing, play outside with the kids.. I don't get how people can't do both.

If my husband was completely lazy and didn't do anything for himself I could see that would be frustrating.

 This pretty much sums it up for me too.

My husband doesn't sit on his arse and watch while I'm doing housework and running after kids. When he isn't working he is also doing his bit. He doesn't do housework, but he will look after the kids.... play with them, get the dressed and so on. And he does cook on the weekends and he will do the dishes every night. So I don't mind doing the bulk of the housework. It's a partnership, and luckily for me it's pretty evenly split, even if our roles are different.

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 You make housework sound so easy. I don't understand why I can't do that 😕 I fail as a housewife 😕
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I was just thinking the same thing!!!!
How hard is it to change a toilet roll!!!
Does everything have to be my job!!!
I have a cleaning limit now, I have a certain amount I will do a day then stop and play with my kids regardless of how messy the house is.

Yeah I get this. It's all my job, everything. And I'm going back to full time work in 2 weeks and it'll still be all my job.
I consider the kids to be my job. I'll try to clean and tidy as I go but I'm jot going to stick the kids infront of a Movie and then go scrub stuff. Hubby is away for work for 9 hours and my job is to care for, play, teach, and love the kids, not spend my day scrubbing the oven or washing the skirt I boards and fans. Our housework standards have slipped and that's fine because my parenting standards have increased.

 If you work full time you need to share the house work 50/50. Theres no other way it can work. Be strict on this. You are not a slave
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 I don't get any help and work full time now, I tried so hard to keep up with it to start with but have given up. I try to keep the house tidy but I only clean sometimes. I buy premade horrid supermarket food.
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Clean the lounge while your husband is trying to watch tv.

No, I like doing the housework and keeping my house how I want it and organising it. I have a good routine that splits my housework throughout the week. The mornings I do my chores while my daughter plays and usually "helps" and the afternoons I play with her then it's dinner and bath and then cook mine and hubbys dinner.
I love my life and all the "filing" 😊

I love to clean it's my little bit of paradise. Hubby doesn't do it right anyway. He tries to help sometimes but can never finish a job. We have decided that I will do all cleaning and washing and most of the cooking and he will work his fifo job and when he is home spend as much quality time with the kids as possible. Time with them is the most important thing for both of us. And it means I get a clean house the kids get time with him (and me) and we get time in the afternoon together as well. It woks so well for us.

I do some house work during the week but Sunday mornings we all pitch in and help.If hubby won't help I don't do any cleaning either and he has worked out it means no clean clothes for him.

He should be spending his free time with the kids, a mum would be crucified if she did that😕

I will do everything with a smile and I do the kitchen everyday, I vacuum everyday (my dog and I shed like crazy, one of us is gonna wake up bald one day!) Wash the floor every 2/3 days. I will gladly wash load of dishes by hand but I LOATHE washing. Partner is FIFO so for 2 weeks I do it all. When he is home he will vacuum, wash dishes or washing. We share everything when he is home, he will clean the kitchen while I bath the kids or vice versa. As a SAHM your whole life can't just be about cleaning

Don't clean while he relaxes. Watch TV, read a book, do a craft anything but clean.

I felt like this. I was getting very frustrated with all the house work and getting no help. I gave my husband a couple of jobs (ironing his shirts and folding his clothes).

I hate housework. But yes if you are the one home it predominantly IS your job along with the child care. Of course get hubby to help on the weekends and after work with this & that, but yes you should be doing the main bulk of the housework.

I have 3 kids and I work. I chose to do the housework entirely by myself because:
A) it gets done
B) it gets done exactly how I want it done
If I was to leave any of it to hubby he would do it in his time which may be days and he couldn't possibly do it the way I do it.
So it's best if it's left for me and me only. He does the garden how he wants it (and feels the same way I do about the cleaning when it comes to gardening) and it's huge job so it suits us well. 50/50 - I keep inside clean and tidy, he keeps outside clean and garden manicured.

I just do some each day so it's not such a big task.