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Raising happy children

What ls your way of doing so?


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Say yes when I can.
Say no only when it's for character.
Let them be as best I can.
Spend time with them whenever I can
Do things they want to do
Teach and feed them food nutrition.
Be outside with then most of the time

We spend a lot of time as a family. We don't allow screen time except for our weekly family movie night. We are outdoors a lot, playing, visiting the park, swimming, bike riding, nature walks.
Our kids have strict rules with firm boundaries, but we parent with love. The children do a fair amount of chores and it allows more time for family activities.
For example they help cook, set the table, clear and clean the table and wash dishes. But then after that's done we have an hour and a half of board games, playing hide and seek, jigsaw puzzles. In summer we go to the pool or park after dinner. We have a lot of fun together.
Basically I love the idea that you should spend half as much money on your children and twice as much time with them.
Our children are all happy, smart and well behaved.

 How old are your kids?
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 It sounds like a cult
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Be the best parent you can be. If that means being tough when necessary then so be it. I also like to think about what my child would like to do on days out. So as much as I wanted to go to the big shopping centre last week to wonder around I knew it would be cause for a horrible day out so instead we went to the park and caught a train for the first time to get an ice cream. Best day out! We play a lot inside or outside. We laugh and show lots of affection

I agree with everything written so far but wanted to add LISTEN to your child. Sometimes they’re telling you stories of school and other times they’ll be trying to express their fears, sadness, or happiness. Listen to them. I cannot stand hearing a parent telling a child to be quiet or that they’re busy when kids are trying to talk to them. Kids need to know they can talk to their parents and will be listened to and helped if need be. If they’re ignored they will bottle things up and sadly we know what that can lead them to.

My kids play in the street lots, they are 10, 12, 14. They hang out with friends after school and ride bikes and build shit and get dirty.
We try for two short family camping trips or mini breaks a year and I enjoy getting to spend time with them without their friends and they seem to enjoy it too. I'd say they are happy kids

I don't overload them with homework and activities. Play the odd board game. Early nights. Make sure I'm careful of who I leave them with. Allow them to express their interests. Take them to the park, have regular play dates.