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As an adult do you fit in with your family?

So I was raised Christian, I now consider myself a modern Christian. I believe in abortion, assisted suicide, immigration, tolerance and a lot of other things that go against what every single other member of my family continue to believe mostly because I use logic. My husband and I have worked hard so we have money and they still struggle.. we help where we can but we are just getting established ourselves but plan to start giving them a few grand in about two years time. We have conferences to attend that have black tie events and talking to my mum about trying to find a dress is hard because she makes comments like “ first world problems”. The older I get the more I do not feel like I fit in with them anymore which makes it super hard to have any kind of relationship with them. Anyone else not fit in with their family?


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My family have me on the outer since I got married. I married a catholic, and they're all lapsed protestants. You'd think, given that this is the 21st century, that it'd be all good. But no.
They hate that our kids are catholic, they hate that I take them to mass, they hate that they attend the parish school. They all threatened not to attend our wedding because it was in the church. It was only when I PROMISED them that I wasn't converting, that they agreed to come. That, and they were reassured they didn't have to say the prayers.
The fact that I play the little catholic wife so well (lots of kids, active within the parish, observe all the big holidays, no meat on Fridays, pregnant and barefoot in the kitchen all the damn time) really pisses them off. My in laws are all very close and have welcomed me with open arms. We attend mass together when we can. My family haaaaates it.
It's sad. I love my family, and want to make them happy. But I didn't deliberately fall in love with my husband. And his religion is important to him, which makes it important to me. More important than some stuffy old notion that just because they OCCASIONALLY attended a protestant service when I was a baby, that I should have married within that religion.

Oh, they expected me to marry a white collar worker too. But he's a tradie and quite uncouth 😂
Sorry fam.

I don't get on with my sister, she has different values and ethics and morals that go against mine. I try to hold conversations that are very basic, that will not start any sort of debate or disagreement. Or that basically just agree with whatever she says. I love her but I don't like her at all.

 Surely she feels the same as you?
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 I totally hear this. It’s hard to keep this up. I’ve abandoned mine. Drug use and child neglect got too much to witness and keep trying to keep the peace for.
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My family except my crazy but i feel like i don't fit in anywhere else. I always feel like the black sheep but that's ok. i feel like because I'm different i'm just more interesting. There will always be those negative lemmings that just want everyone to be the same & bitch about the people who don't fall in line & act like everyone else, you cant do anything about those people. Just be you, there is no one else like you! Makes the world more interesting 😊.

I’m the black sheep in the family. I love them but have nothing in common with them. I now live in a different state so it is easier to not have to deal with their issues in a daily basis. I finally feel free and happy.

I don't really talk to my brothers. I see them maybe once a year and there just isn't much that we can have a conversation about. They aren't bad people or anything, although I don't really agree with some of their life choices, but I just live my own life and generally hear about them through my parents. I also live in a different state which suits me fine, although we could live in the same town and probably catch up the same amount of times lol.

I live a completely different life to my family my husband and I work hard for everything we have. My family all except maybe 4 people struggle with major drug and alcohol problems. It’s very sad for me because see them every few years at the most otherwise I don’t stay in touch it got to a point where I was called the ‘coconut’ for being so different. I would say this is far from the Truth I no where I come from and recognise my heritage but I choose a different path so yes I don’t really get along with my family we just don’t have anything in common

Oh yeah!!! I have a "cracka" of a family!! We all live in different states, and that is probably a good thing!!! I love my family, my sister and I don't even talk - and I don't know why - oh that's right she is a snobby bitch and I don't fit in with her "high" standards!!! Don't worry if you don't, it's not worth stressing over!!!! Took me 54 years to realise that, so don't waste your time stressing and trying to make them happy. Love them as they are, and if they make you too stressful, then just get on with your own live. Life is too short to worry about them.