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A Perth mother has been charged over feeding her chronically ill baby son bleach. Brooke Evelyn Lucas, 26, faced court in Perth on Saturday, charged with unlawful intent to kill or endanger human life

Do you believe all abusers have PND ?


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What’s with real hashing news stories?

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PND does not account for abuse or torture of a child. Wilful pain inflicted on another is not a usual sign of depression.

 yes, what she did was not a last cry for help or a compassionate way to put him out of misery. it was torture.
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Some are just plain evil. This sounds like she has severe pnd or some other clinical mental disorder. She will need to be evaluated. Poor baby.

 She’s evil
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 Some sort of psychosis maybe?
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The term ‘evil’ is deceptive and misleading.
If I were to unkindly summarise it’s purpose; enabling simplistic people to sleep easy. Basically it’s the only way they can compartmentalise and cope with complex issues they don’t understand (read fear)

It’s also rooted the mechanisms of our brain and psychological coping mechanisms but one must be aware of these facts and how when unchecked they can warp our perception of reality

For example: ‘I wouldn’t do that; as I’m not (pure) evil.’
‘People only Behaviour abhorrently because they are evil.’

Limitations: if one does not understand the depths of ones own capacity for treachery. You will never truly understand yourself, others or the driving forces behind human nature (biological, evolutionary, environmental). This will limit your personal growth and your interpersonal skill inturn having a negative flow on effect in other aspect sounds of your life. At the very worst this will impact ones ability to understand others motivation/intentions leaving you vulnerable to predatory behaviours/people. This is not a good outcome, if I needed to state the obvious.
There are also various other reasons as to why it is in ones best interest to understand oneself and others

 Nice essay
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Her baby is seriously ill, I hate to say it but maybe she was trying to put him out of his misery. Funny how if she tried to keep her dying dog alive we would be saying she's evil for prolinging his pain but it's a human life so apparently we are supposed to prolong life as long as possible no matter how painful and miserable that life is.

 You are an idiot
You don’t pour bleach down a dogs throat
You can’t compare animals to humans

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 When I heard of this story, this was the first thing that crossed my mind, that she wanted to end his suffering. But there would be much quicker ways than feeding him bleach, poor kid. And I get what you're saying about the dogs, I agree, people should be able to get peacefully put out of their misery.
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Of course not all of them have PND. And you will find most women with PND do not want to harm their babies. Some People are just pure evil