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What innapropriate things have your family said to you ?


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When I was a teenager my mum told me to quit school in year 11 and do a tafe course because I wasn't very smart and I'll fail year 12. I was really considering it, I was so low/down in the dumps. Just after that I was actually talking to a man at an awards thing and that man created clean up Australia Day. Anyway long story short we talked in depth about life and he told me I had strong passions and no matter what people say I can do anything. It was words I really needed to hear. I was so low at that stage and I don't know if he picked up on that but he really helped me realise I can do anything.
Now I had a university degree in science. Yes it was bloody hard but mum, I'm not dumb!
I still am so thankful to that man. Just a simple conversation changed my life. I wish I could hug him now and say thank you.

My daughter in law told me I probably killed my daughter that passed away from sids 25yrs ago I have cut her out if my life for good she was so toxic

Would you like me to pay for Jenny Craig for you.... thanks dad, I'm a size 12

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My mother told me I was a s**t... after I told her I'd been sexually assaulted...

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 Wow! How terrible
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My FIL asked me how long my knickers have been on washing line and if I have normal knickers ( I wear sexy ones to make me feel sexy after losing 40kg )

 How horribly inappropriate of him
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My dad told my daughter I am a waste of talent πŸ˜”

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