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Is this fair ?

Outraged parents have taken to Facebook to vent their frustration and heartbreak after their kids missed out on a school afternoon tea party.

Packmoor Ormiston Academy in Stoke-on-Trent in the UK hosted the event in the school playground but it was only for select students who had 100 per cent attendance.

Parents told the school it was unfair to those young kids who had been sick and not attended school for reasons out of their control.


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I am of 2 minds on this. My child just partcipated in a school event for those who showed a positive attitude and had a good behaviour record which is a similar type of thing. I think that it is good to reward those who do well. However attendance to me is different because it is not always at the control of the child. I knew a family who had 100% attendance and the mum was really proud of it but the kid was going to school sick and miserable. My kid ended up having to have time off school because she sent her kid in sick.
My kids also attended a school that had a big emphasis on attendence and being at school on time. Good in theory but inpractice they were punishing kids because their parents couldn't get their shit together in the morning. One of my friends kids burst into tears she was anxious because her mum run while she rides to school together and she was 5 minutes late. She was year 2 and teachers would stand her up in class and make an example of all the late kids as well as making them make up the time at lunch.
Why punish kids for something they can't control?

Our school has special excursions and parties for children with perfect behaviour, I don't really see how this is different. Maybe unless even children with explained absence were excluded, which they were not. It was only children with unexplained absences.

I see the point of this kind of thing, but it could encourage parents to send their kids to school even if sick so they don’t miss out on the reward. So yeah, I get the outrage.

My kids school has an end of term assembly to celebrate the kids with be best academic achievements, then a party to celebrate (only for the selected few). The kids that don't make the cut get invited by a mum who organises a much better party at the playground down the road. Even if in the unlikely event my kids made the school party they wouldn't go.

 That mum is awesome. Not all kids are academic and that’s ok. I tell my kids that everyone has different strengths.
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 That just created more divide and exclusion and it's not the kids fault that the school offers this. She would set more of an example if she invited them all.
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My high school used to do something similar. I remember getting annoyed about never being invited to the special end of year excursion for the kids who were on time to every class and always wore correct uniform. So in year 10 I did my best to be on time every lesson and always wore 100% of the uniform (even the formal blazer and tie that NOBODY else wore), and at the end of the year, guess what, I still wasn't invited. Motherfuckers. Turns out my bus being late in the morning and me missing roll call but still making it in time for first period counted as skipping a lesson. Fuckers. Anyway, my point is, the school will find a way to celebrate those they want to, regardless of what anyone says. Parents and students should strive to be the best they can be whether there's an afternoon tea or not. If the scones, cupcakes and tea mean so damn much to you, buy your own and have it at home f**k sakes.

 Agree. Last year my 8 year old son was upset because he missed out on the special lunch all the kids who do the best work get. They need to get 3 best work stickers to be eligible. I told him he doesn’t need stickers for me to know how hard he has worked. He missed out again end of last term, but he didn’t care. And neither did I because he doesn’t need a special lunch for his motivation.. He isnt academic, but he does work hard. I tell both my kids they dont need to show me rewards and merit certificates for me to be proud because I know they give it their best.
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Our school did this for years for 100% attendance, but, if you were absent with an explanation it didn’t go against you. New Parents at the school caused such a huge fight with the school for this. All they had to do was provide a reason for their kids absence but they wouldn’t do it. So now the school has stopped it.

My kids school does this and so did the last one. It's a small school so its actually for over 95% attendance. One of my kids just went to the special morning tea last week. I don't see a problem with it at all, it gives kids a goal to reach.