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How many times have you been married?


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Once, and if it ever ends I'm not doing it again, in going to be a spinster lol

 You cant be a spinster if you’ve been married b4
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 Oh, ummm I will be a tart then
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 What are we, in India? A tart? I liked the German mp who said marriages should be binding to 10years and after that the choice to renew or not. And before you asked, married only once and a pretty good one too.
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3 times
First time 15 for 5 years
Second time 25 for 8mths he died from cancer
Third time 30 15 years he came out as gay

Once, still married after 14 years. Made a big mistake with a de facto relationship when I was younger, thank god I never married him though!!

 Well done. Sounds like you dodged a bullet x
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 Maybe he dodged the bullet
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Engaged twice, no marriages. Dodged two bullets

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Im like the fucken matrix guy dodging bullets

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 Engaged 6 times
No marriage

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 Somebody has issues
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Husband twice, me once - together 10 and married 7. If we didn't have kids I would lose track of how long we have been together. Hope it's still like that when we're old and wrinkly 😍

Twice. My first marriage lasted less than 3 years.
I remarried 5 years ago and we are so strong. You couldn’t get two opposite marriages - I wish I’d met my second husband first.

 But you learn from your mistakes and that’s why your second is probably working better for you.
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 What’s different ? Explain please
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Twice. I got married when I was 19, and it only lasted 8 months.

Once and it lasted 11 years. Been separated/ divorced 6 years but dating the last few months to a lovely guy.
I would marry again but theres certainly no rush.