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Do you have private health insurance?

Not sure who to go with or exactly what I'm looking for? Any suggestions?


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I didn't have Medibank and they were a hassel to get out of. Look at what you need and where you shop and go with a fun that will cover those things. So Medibank would only cover some cost of my glasses not all because I need two different lenses, we paid $300 a month for a family and I only used it once and it didn't even effect our levy or tax which is what we were doing it for.
It was such a rip off. When we are in a better financial position I will be saving that amount into high interest account.
Really look at the policy and what your family needs. For us it wasn't worth it any more and I rather be able to put food on the table

Don't use a private comparison company- the Australian Govt compares them also. I think it's or similar.

Im qccu. I have chrons disease and im really happy with their cover. I would never be without it now. Public system is a joke for gastroenterology issues

We have HCF and are very pleased with it. My husband has a medical condition that often requires seeing a specialist and surgery. We also use it for chiropractic care, glasses and dental. The most I've ever paid for a dentist visit was $70 and that was because I needed a filling. All 4 of us go to the same place and I usually don't pay anything. It also gives us a rebate on swimming lessons, travel outside our town for medical reasons and fantastic rates for travel insurance. Also we have an extra coverage on the kids. It worked out that when my son broke his arm, they actually paid us $100.

Yesterday a family member saw a (private) gynae because she'd had a bad pap smear. Biopsy done, surgery next week. Doctor said there is a 6 month waiting list in the public system just for the initial consultation and I know that the elective waiting list ( and of course it would be elective because, precancerous cells on a cervix can wait and not change at all,dontcha know...) is currently "on hold". He highly recommended surgery as soon as possible. So yes,we have private health cover because be blowed if I am going to sit back and watch my family waitjng and fearing what could happen for at least 6 months, and then finding out that if it had been done 6 months previously it wouldn't be cancer then...

 I don't quite get this, things move fairly fast in the public system for cancer etc, obviously depending on circumstance. You just jump the queue
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Do you want or need elective surgery? Do you have chiropractic, hearing, vision or dental problems? If you answered no to all, you probably don't need private health cover. Have never paid a cent in my life for any medical stuff, meanwhile my friends with PHI pay huge monthly fees plus excess!

no, I dont. You should probably call this post 'recommendations for PHI '