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Climate change

How will the poppets who protested today charge their phone ?


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Solar power?

 Wind and water power too?
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The truth is half of those kids don't really care that much they just want the day off school. I wonder how many kids just went home or took off with their friends somewhere else.

 I think that's a big assumption.
A lot of kids these days are more proactive with recycling, and trying to clean the environment etc. Sure there are kids who don't care and probably purposely throw their waste in the ocean, but there's also a lot of adults like that

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Honestly, the children should be at school a protest does nothing except piss the majority off and without the majority of people, the minority will never make a change. These are kids and idiots who know nothing.

 I'm majority and I'm not pissed off. I think it's great children want us to take notice that we're continuing to destroy their future planet and we're so selfish that we, the majority, don't even give a crap. I hope we start making changes soon, for our future generations
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 It was about getting the government to make changes
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 How are you the majority when most are pissed by it? We get stuck in the city on our way to our jobs! Because of losers holding up the streets!
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 You won't even have a job soon if you keep being the majority that votes for the Liberals.
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 And you wont have a health system, or Centrelink that you can get any sense out of, as it will all be outsourced to large overseas organisations .... etc etc
When a government can create a "budgetary surplus" by going slow on implementing the NDIS, so that disabled people are left in crisis, there is nothing it wont do to its own citizens.
Constant, increasing underfunding of public institutions destroys the social fabric of the country over time.
Climate change is only one of the things the liberals are choosing to ignore, along with anything strateigic or nation building, or considerate of citizens welfare. No wonder the kids are upset about it. The rest of us should be too.

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