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Winning lotto

Can’t believe the SA winner said he will have to ask his wife permission if he can quit his job
The QLD mum won’t quit her medical research job I think she should donate large amount cause she’s hogging a job for someone else

What would you do if you won lots and lots of money ?

Don’t say give family cause you need to draw the line


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If I won lots of money I'd get my husband to quit his job and pursue something he was passionate about. We'd buy with a few acres and no neighbours. We'd buy new cars and update our furniture.
I wouldn't give money to any family because they rest are quite well off.
I'd donate some to local organisations to help with the homeless and dv victims
Id invest the rest for retirement and my kids

People still need purpose in their life, not everyone’s dream is to quit their job......

 AS if you would continue cleaning toilets or wiping bums
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I would split it 50/50 with my husband. That way he can piss his half away on whatever he wants and i dont have to argue with him about it.
I genuinely dont know. Probably the first thing would be to go clothes shopping. Not even an insane splurge but it would be nice to not look at price tags for the day. I would definitely book a week at the beach to think about it. Until that day i guess its hard to really know what i would do. I will let you know lol

That medical researcher could be on the brink of finding a cure for cancer. We need her to keep her job. And maybe, just maybe, she really loves her job and gets great satisfaction knowing she’s making a difference in the world.

 Sounds like she loves her job more than her kids 🤫
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Money isn’t everything. I have over 800k that was left to me by a dispicable excuse of a man. I won’t touch it as if it can pay for what he did.

 That’s f**k all
My neighbour inherited $100k and bought new car $18k
Put $40k on mortgage
Holiday $8k

You aren’t special with your savings

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 You mean $80k as if you have $800k if you did you are an idiot for not paying off mortgage or getting a mortgage
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 Ignore the trolls. Could that money be used towards helping people who may have suffered from men like him? Like a women’s shelter, dv programs, feeding neglected children, the smith family? It might be healthy for you to use his blood money for something that might help undo damage like his.

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I wouldn't quit work. But I would hire a house cleaner. Perfer to work then do housework.

 You’re anal with housework
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I wouldn't quit my job either. I work with kids and feel I contribute. Probably would donate my wages back into the centre though. Not everyone would be happy being at home all day, every day.

Yes because we are all owed a job that requires years of training and hard work. I don't remember medical research being a subject in high school.

I wouldn't quit and my job isn't anywhere near as important as a medical researcher. I love my job and I've worked hard for my career.

 You’re career is more important than your kids
Hope karma finds you

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 What’s wrong with having a job not a career
You think old people’s houses should be cleaned by family ?
I bet some cleaners earn more than your useless sales partner

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I would probably drop my hours down but not quit and travel for a bit. I’d go nuts without a job and couldn’t handle being a stay at home mum, to me that’s so boring

Some people work for reasons beyond the pay day.

And why can’t I say give to family if that’s what I want to do?