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Christmas gripes.

What’s yours?

Mine is when people say “I’m not letting Santa get all the credit” honestly just makes me cringe like, the whole point is to just give. Not get something from the gift, that’s always the point of giving, to have the other person happy, not to have them feel anything more toward you (ie gratefulness ect ect) I find this people often carry that attitude through everything, they never just fully give to give.

That’s mine lol. What have you all got?


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I hate when people get all huffy when I say "happy holidays" instead of "merry Christmas".
1. Because Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa all fall close to each other usually, I'm not arrogant enough to assume that you (usually a customer) is Christian.
2. The sentiment is the same regardless of your religion. I truly wish you a joyous holiday period, stop being such a dick hole.
3. If you're going to be so pedantic and entitled, I don't really want you to have a merry anything.

 Merry christmas my friend ♥️
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 Thank you, and happy holidays yourself 🙂
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 And those posts on FB that come out every year complaining about not being allowed to say merry Christmas any more it has to be happy holidays. Ridiculous.
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 I'm not Christian. But I'm pretty ignorant that other people have holidays other than Xmas so I think you're being quite thoughtful!
Happy holidays to you x

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I don't get the obsession of HAVING to see people on Christmas day and people stressing about going to 4 different houses. Just go see them another day, before or after! Thankfully my family is very chill, so not a problem for me.

I have a family member that doesn’t understand that the morning is for my family time, me hubby and our kids! She will turn up at our house at 7am and then has to be involved in every single thing.
My daughter has asked to not open gifts when she is here now because as soon as it’s opened this family member says ‘oh give it here! I want to look!’ When we got her a games console the family member took over and my daughter didn’t get to play it until the next day.
We are happy for her to come over but at least let us wake up and open our gifts and have some immediate family time first!
This year I’ve said no one is welcome until after 11am

I hate having to travel to different relatives houses on Christmas Day. They just don’t get that I have my own family too. Three years ago I made a rule that morning was MY family’s time. I would not be at anyone’s house before 12. It did not go down well but too bad for them.

I recently said to my husband that I have spent hundreds and completely worn myself out chasing the perfect presents all for that fat red bastard to get all the credit 😂. Totally worth it to see the joy and magic light up the kids faces Christmas morning.

I hate the family that carry on because you refuse to run after them. I love an easy morning with my little family first, unwrapping presents and laying about in our PJs while the kids play and around lunch time we will get organised to go see everyone else. Last year I had no less than 30 calls from my grandmother because she wanted to do Christmas lunch at her place (fair enough) but was hell bent on us all being there by 10am. We didn't even get my stepson back off his mother until 10.30 and I had already told her that we wouldn't be there until about 12 and to start without us. That wasn't good enough and she ended up screaming that I was ruining Christmas for "a little shit who we're not even related to." And then wondered why I never turned up at all. And apparently that "broke her heart." 🙄

Same as yours! And the whole presence over presents crap 🙄

it pisses me off that cynical people hang shit on the festive people. I am a festive person and I love Christmas so I seem to be the go-to person for people who want to winge about it. Like seriously, stay home grinchy - stop trying to ruin my holiday spirit!!