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Candy cane vodka

For 750ml vodka... get 12 candy canes and crush them using your food processor.
Add to vodka, seal and let infuse for 1hr minimum. You can strain the vodka so its smooth but its not necessary.

I am getting festively tipsy. Oh yeah 😏😏


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I made cherry and lime vodka as gifts, i think I'll do this next time, much more christmasy! Lol

Have you tried the smirnoff peppermint vodka? Yummo!

 Where did you find this?

I have been looking for some and also strawberry vodka, can't seem to find any!!

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 I saw it at Dan Murphys
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 Get a big bag of skittles and separate the colours then put the strawberry ones into the vodka.
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What do you mix it with? Or is it a shooter mix

OP Whatever you want really.
You can use it to make martinis. Add it too soda water and lime. Make a punch.
Or you can shoot it straight up toonif shots are your thing. 😊

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