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What age do you let your child shower by themselves? As in set and turn off taps and dry them self?

My son is 8 and I am getting him to turn off taps and dry himself, I still set it first though. Do others let their kids do it all by them self at 8?


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My 6 and 8 year olds have been doing showers by themselves since they were about 5. They turn it on, wash hair, body and teeth and turn it off before the 5 minute timer is finished. They get their own clothes for bed or school but I help if they need clothes for going out.

My son started at 9 turning on and off.
Really depends on their maturity and how responsible they are.

My 4 year old spends an hour in the shower when he is in a mood. I set the thermostat so it can not burn him if he plays with the taps.
He sings lots & i walk by heaps. No tv or radio rule so i can chat to him.
Lucky i don't like my showers very hot

I have a 3 and 4 year old. They are supervised but they do it all themselves. I have taught them to start wit it straight, check the temp and adjust as needed whilst checking until it is right and then to not touch while they shower. They dry themselves but Mr 3 needs a little extra drying at the end. Mr 4 almost has it down to not require supervision.

Mine were 5 or 6 and trying even younger. Cold first then add the hot. Takes a while for them to get the temperature right but they get it eventually.

My DD did it at 6 but with me watching. We do a lot of swimming in our family so they were learning this from quite young.

 showering (with us doing the taps) was at 4. But we would be nearby to watch them.
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At age 7 my kids could shower them selves, set tap (flick mixer type) and turn off. Miss 3 has shower set for her an brief supervision, taps turned off but dries and dresses herself.

At 8 years old they should be doing it all themselves. If they are taking too long then a knock on the door and telling them to get out is sufficient. But really, 8 year olds are more than able to turn taps on and off and shower

Mine learnt at 6 but confuses himself every now n then and will call for a hand at 8.

My son is 4 and under supervision he can turn on the water-mix tap and wash himself... Though I'm in the bathroom asking him of he has cleaned this and that....and then he dries himself and dresses himself. I attend to his 2 ur old sister. I would not let him do this unsupervised though.

My kids probably did this themselves at around 4. At age 7 my daughter can cook pikelets, french toast, noodles, get her own breakfast & get herself 100% ready for school that includes hair & choosing her own clothes. They sometimes make their own lunches for school & help around the house. You need to let your kid do a bit more for themselves it'll free you up also.

 She was just asking about setting taps ...
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 Let her be a kid :/
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 I agree the question wasn't about everything mentioned here. Having said that who is to say this lady is not letting her daughter be a kid. Some responsibility is good. Mr 4 has to pack and unpack dishwasher, get breakfast and dressed and clean up his playroom. He also vacuums for me. That is about 15 minutes of everyday that he has responsibility. For the rest of the day he is a kid. This lady may have a similar set up for her daughter. Who are we to judge her teaching her daughter life skills and responsibilities.
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My girls are 4 & 7 and they hop in the shower themselves or run themselves a bath. But we have the flick mixer taps in all bathrooms which are a lot more kid friendly, plus we have solar so it's never scolding hot.
My Miss 4 wraps herself up and I help her get dressed and dried but my Miss 7 does it all by herself.
When we had turn taps I used to set it for them and turn it off for my youngest, but my eldest knew what to do.

 Hmmm that's interesting as we have solar hot water and on sunny days it is scolding hot!!! I can seem to stop it from getting so hot on sunny days.
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 We have solar and legally its supposed to be limited to 50 degrees so children cant burn themselves seriously. Its annoying as f**k because I like really hot showers and can never get it hot enough!
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I think I need to get my son doing a bit more for himself !! I let my 8 yr old and his brother 6 yrs shower together , I wonder what age this has to stop ?? So far they just play (take plastic toys in shower) and seem ok seeing each other naked??

 They will let you know when they no longer want to shower together. You just have to be respectful of that decision and let them shower separately
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 My younger sister never grasped the concept of privacy and to this day will still attempt to shower at the same time as other family members. (Shes 20)
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 Yeah that's weird
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Son has been showering himself since seven, has been drying himself since four or five (we helped with his hair) Two taps, sets heat himself. We just tell him to get in and get out (otherwise he would play forever) and give reminders for hair washing nights.

Daughter is 6, we turn the taps on for her & let her shower & then turn them off, dry & dress.