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Underwear and Tea Towels!

Do you wash your families underwear in the same load of washing as tea towels and other general items? Or do you separate and if so how? Just curious....


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It's as simple as:
-Our sheets
-Baby's sheets
-Towels (our towels, baby's towel, tea towel, dish cloth and bath mat all in 1 and, just to gross everyone out even more, everyone gets 1 towel to use for a whole week and it's 1 tea towel and dish cloth for the whole week too!!! 😲)
-coloured and black clothes (if there is enough room denims and colours/blacks go in the same load)
-whites and baby clothes (that have been soaking in napisan to remove stains since I put our sheets in)
That's it and it happens every Wednesday. Oh and hubby's work clothes are chucked in for a quick 30 cycle when he finishes work, just so they are clean for the next day. So my washing machine runs flat out for about 5 hrs straight on a Wednesday and barely gets looked at for the rest of the week 👍

And its ok trolls, I know I'm a terrible, disgusting house wife who deprives her hard working husband of clean towels after every shower and he works hard so I can sit at home all day and blah blah blah. He doesn't like it, he knows where the front door is and he can use it whenever he likes. He knew what my washing habits were like before he asked me to marry him, they aren't changing now 😊

 Love your style!! You are a realist!!!
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 This sounds like a well run household to me!! :-)
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 we use one towel a week

we dont have a dirty arse or dig inside arse

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 My mum used to be the same. I would sometimes put my towel on a quick wash when she was out and hang it in my room to dry.
Now I wash towels after every use. Tea towels and dishcloths daily and my bed atleast every second day if not daily.
It’s my routine and isn’t time consuming, strip the sheets when I get up and throw another set on=fresh bed.

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I throw everything in together and hope for the best!! Haven't had any problems in the 20 years i have been doing it this way...

 Ditto 😂
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 Well I wash each and every individual item of clothing or linen in its own separate wash cycle. The electricity & water waste is NOTHING compared to the peace of mind I get, knowing that all those dangerous germs from TOWELS will definitely not contaminate my pristine knickers.
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 Um.. They're getting WASHED for a reason.. Oh dear
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 I wrote that comment (the pristine knickers one above) and it was obviously a joke! but reading this thread has me worried there might actually be people who are seriously doing exactly that. Argh.
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Seperate, do people actually wash towels with any clothes? Mine are always in one load together and clothes are seperate so are sheets

 depends how busy you are honestly. I need to keep on top of washing. I separate towels when I can.
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 How can you be to busy to separate towels from clothes? We have a hamper specifically for towels.
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 ^and all sheets get changed on weekend. Towels midweek and weekends before you say eww. I wash them i just dont bother with separate washes.
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 It doesn’t require much effort to separate. When I have a full load of darks I wash. When I have a full load of whites I wash. When I have a full load of colours I wash. Sheets weekly. Bath towels and tea towels together every second day (but I change the tea towel daily). It isn’t hard. I’ve been doing this for many, many years. No one has died yet.
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Ummm i can't believe how worked up people are getting over this. Seriously need to get some real problems!

 I know right! What is it with all the washing nazis on this site? Can't get over how much people seem to care about when and how towels should be washed.
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Why can't we wash towels with underwear etc? OOps when I have that much washing to do, I shove all undies and socks & light clothing with towels to save time.

Everything in together unless there's poo or vomit on them? They are done separately after rinsing and with antibacterial sanitiser. If there's wee, then I add laundry antibacterial sanitiser too, but don't separate.

Tea towels I wash with bath towels. Undies get washed with clothes.

 ewww tea towels and towels
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 What is so ewwww about that? They are clean when they come out, and they do hang out in the sun.
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No I don't put my underwear in with tea towels. Towels have their own, clothes have their own, work clothes have their own, tea towels have their own.

 work clothes have their own load? You must have a lot of uniforms to not run out?
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 Work clothes are done separately here too. Mind you he works out at the coal terminal
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 Fair enough! I just find I run out of work clothes if i dont keep up with them. Maybe I need more :)
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 Depends where you work, theres no way I would wash hubbys clothes with anything else he works on a farm. Ex worked as a truck driver and would get covered in diesel every day. Mum worked in a butchers and washed her clothes separately. I work in a school and my clothes get washed with everyone elses.
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Jesus fu****g Christ, I've been with this site since the beginning and I missed this thread how? 😂 absolutely worth the giggles at all the troll answers and the way people get worked up over how someone else washes their shit 😂😂
Just a side note, if you don't like the way someone washes their clothes, feel free to do their laundry for them. You can start with my Mt Washmore 😉

Omg they are being washed, who cares what they are with.

 ycuk greasy tea towel and towels and undies
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 Greasy tea towels? don't you wash your dishes before wiping them ?
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 I use tea towel to wipe benches and go over with cloth
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I have three Laundry baskets, 1 for my husband and I, one for the kids clothes and 1 for towels. I wash the kids clothes separately from our own clothes. Wet sheets are washed separately, towels and tea towels together in a load, woollens are separated as are school and work uniforms. A hygienic wash is usually a hot wash and you might use an antibacterial agent like napisan. Underwear is included with the other clothes, I do not separate them.

 hot water isn't enough
hygiene wash stuff are a waste of money

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 A few drops of tea tree oil are more effective and last longer. I put lavender oil in with my sheets to, they smell devine and helps everyone sleep better
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Tea towels and towels go together if I've got enough washing to bother separating. I use a funny thing called laundry detergent, when combined with hot water it kills bacteria on our fabrics and makes them smell good too!!

sheets are by themselves. Towels by themselves. Tea towels and floor mats on hygenic wash by themselves. All clothes separate.

 What is hygenic wash if you don't mind me asking
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 It's a hot wash long cycle
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 you must have money to waste on elect and water
hang it outside in sun when sunny

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 Who said she doesn't hang them outside
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 no need for hot cycle and hygiene cleaner if hung outside
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My weekly wash consists of separare loads for these items in the following order! Dark uniforms, light uniforms, other whites, mixed light colours, mixed dark colours, undies, socks, towels & tea towels, then single wash/delicate items. sheets, doona covers and pillow cases are done fortnightly after all the above it done. Usually all done on a Saturday. 3 kids and husband in uniforms and they have 6 sets each.

God no. Towels, tea towels, wash cloths, dish cloths (after they been rinsed and soaked) together