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Email from someone containing a password

I understand that it’s a scam as they have said they’ve hacked my computer and seen me pleasuring myself on a webcam (I don’t own a webcam only use my phone for internet use and never done that) the problem is, they have accurately written one of my passwords in the email. That scares me. What do I do?
(Obviously not going to transfer bit coin of $1000 as told to do so otherwise they will post my personal pleasuring videos all over the Internet)


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You should contact the Australian cyber crimes department.

Firstly change all your passwords! Add two factor authentication and if given the option log out every account signed into your accounts

 I’m scared to change them as I’m worried if I’ve been hacked they’ll see my new passwords!
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 No it doesn’t work like that. They’ll be removed from the account that’s why you must activate two factor with your phone number
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Call scam watch for advice.

OP Didn’t know there was such a service. Thanks!
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Is it possible you have clicked a link on another email and entered details? Think phone bill, bank statement, activating points on cards ect. These can direct you to websites which look identical to what it should look like but is able to access the password and login details. Your best option is to contact scamwatch, like suggested above, and ask for their advice on what steps to take next but whatever you do don’t pay them. You may also need to go see your phone provider, or if you have an apple go to them directly, and get them to advise you on ways to protect your phone and wipe any malware off it if there is any.

You have a phone with a camera, that means you have a webcam

Do you have home surveillance cameras or a baby monitor with a camera?

That's frightening. Don't pay a cent to the dirty scammers. They may have guessed your password based on your pets kids etc and what goes on your (anti)social media pages.

 So there’s no way anyone could guess the password. It’s way too hard.
Secondly, we have baby monitors but they aren’t connected to wifi that I know of so I don’t really know how that would be possible.

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 Otherwise it is someone you know?
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 Or! I know! My husband in his uni days, made this silly website for signing people up so he could get discounts(a long long time ago), he told me he was surprised how many people signed up to his website with their personal email passwords. He logged into a couple to see. Thank goodness my husband is really honest and he isn’t even capable of lying.i think this is the mostly likely situation! You’ve signed up for something, and put the same password in for the email address you’ve provided? Considering I had my bank card details stolen in a similar way purchasing something, I’m not surprised. Change everything before he does
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 Good to know. Possibly. Haven’t used the password in years so really struggling to piece the puzzle together. Also dont use internet browsers either which it claimed I used an outdated one. I’ll have to change all passwords. Where to start 😱🤯
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I got this email too but it didn’t contain my passwords.

 That’s the scary part !
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