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Thank you cards

My great niece got married 6 weeks ago and waiting for thank you card
How long shall I wait before I contact her about the card


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Contact her & say what? Where's my thank you card? It's polite to send thank you cards but not mandatory. Pretty sure it would be ruder to call someone & say where's my thank you card.

You should have contacted her after 14 business days.

 +^ it’s too late now you’ve missed the chance
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Oh it's the shall troll again! Hi! How've you been? Are you still trolling under a different style or have you been busy with real life stuff?

In terms of thank you cards, they may never come. I didn't send any after my wedding. I did thank every guest individually and sincerely on the day before we left. But sending out cards is not my style at all. No one complained about it as far as I know.

Maybe they don't want to thank you! For all you know you could be the one where they said, 'fk i wish we didn't invite ... she made our wedding about her'

It's so funny how people want the thankyou cards, isn't it enough that they paid for your dinner and drinks at their wedding, then they would have also given a thankyou gift on the table as well. Then you expect a card aswell. Really?

You should wait forever. I didn’t do them, nor has anyone done one for me at the many weddings I’ve been to. This is an old tradition that isn’t common place anymore.

Why do you assume they even sent out thank you cards, anyway?

What will you say? ‘Why haven’t you thanked me for coming to your wedding in the form of a card?’. I think thank you cards are nice, even if becoming a relic of the past now, and I sent them after our wedding, albeit 10 years ago, but they shouldn’t be expected. Even by bored trolls on a Friday night.

Um why would you contact her about it??? That's just weird. Not everyone sends thank you cards

Thank you cards just arent really much of a thing these days. You sound like my grandmother though. She almost held the pen in my hand to write a rhank you card to her sister after the birth of my baby. After being in hospital for two weeks, travelling 400km with a newborn, trying to get into a routine, Gran was so upset that I hadnt sent the card and turned up on my doorstep to make sure it got done.