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Dear lefties

Where are you ?
Terrorist attack in Melbourne today


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Thank god guns aren’t readily avialable in this country.
You’re welcome.

 That was a conservative who put gun laws in place, not the left.
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 Apologies you’re right. However typically gun control is a left leaning concept, which in this case was agreeed and applied by the right.
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Meanwhile, in California an ex serviceman all American went full postal with a firearm and killed 12 people. What’s your point?

Maybe I'm too pure for the internet but I read this question, and pondered on it for a good 10 minutes trying to figure out wtf being left handed had to do with this....

 Oops pressed the thing too early. What's a leftie anyway?
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 Left political veies
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 Some people view Labour as having let a lot of low life's into the country, and then preventing police deal effectively with their criminal behaviour, and also are soft on terrorists.
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 True, and Greens are even worse because they block any legislation to remove them.
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Where was I? In my home, in Queensland.
What the f**k does being a Unionist, and hence voting ALP have in common with the terror attacks?

 ALP opened the flood gates so people like him could enter the country. ALP and the greens block any legislation that could help deport these maggots by crying about “human rights”. What about our rights to live in a country where terrorism isn’t something that’s normalised by the likes of Dan Andrews? But as you said, you’re a unionist, you’re already supporting thugs.
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 Actually the Coalition cancelled his australian passport so he couldn't leave australia.
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Disappointed this wasn't about actually being left handed tho 😂

They’re at home having mental breakdowns be wise they’re not sure which gender they are going to be tomorrow 😂😂😂

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Just wait for the mental gymnastics from the left claiming how refugees aren’t a danger and defending the grub Andrews on what he said.

send all the refugees back. Nuke the cu**s before they make it to shore. We dont want damaged goods here!!!

 "Damaged goods"... I'll circle back to that in a minute.
But, what makes you think all terrorists are refugees? Have you forgotten about the piece of shit who shot up Port Arthur? Or pieces of shit like Ivan Millat?

Right, back to damaged goods. People are not cargo. They don't get "damaged", they get traumatised, and having people like you think of them as goods to be traded or destroyed at will is part of the reason there are so many refugees in the first place. You may not agree with this country's immigration and refugee policies, but your quarrel shouldn't be with those people. It should be with the politicians who have the power to change laws and regulations, and don't. Also, nuke them? As in with nuclear weapons? JFC theres so many things wrong with that idea.
We don't have nuclear weapons in Australia, and even if we did, do you think dropping them off our own shores is a good idea?
I realise this is trolling, but so many people spout this type of crap so maybe its legit.

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 They say history repeats itself and it surely does. This sentiment was alive and well 60 years ago. Ever heard of Hitler?
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 Millat and Bryant weren’t terrorists. Millat’s father was an immigrant from a war torn country. You are just showing your ignorance on the matter.
The reason why people are against refugees is because they are damaged and cause problems because of where they came from.

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 Damaged from war, persecution, things you couldn’t even imagine. Nuking them isn’t the answer. Death cults hide behind religion to spread their ideology. Get rid of Islam and see another death cult hiding behind another religion or race pop up.
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Not sure of your point. Theres been terrorist attacks in many countries for many years under both left and right wing governments. Point in fact, this happened under a conservative government.

Was just confirmed in the news that the Islamic State are officially taking credit for the attack.

 Is anyone really surprised this has happened we have been warned about this for years now as for guns imagine if he had a gun instead of a knife the death toll would have been higher
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 They take credit for all the lone wolves. It doesn’t mean he was affiliated.
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