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Vaginal rejuvenation

Would like your opinion if you’ve had it done or know someone who has. Thanks. Loose as a goose since child birth... please don’t suggest kegels. Do those 54 times a day alreadyv


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Vagina steaming is apparently the in thing with the celebs at the moment. I personally can't think of anything worse but that's just me. To each their own eh?

 I think health professionals are recommending people don't do it though
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 I don't need a recommendation from anyone except my vagina. She knows what to do and definitely what Not to do. Steaming it sounds brutal 😱
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 Steamed clams anyone??
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Look up Sharny and Julius on Facebook. She has a great strong core and pelvic floor program.

OP Thx.
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I knew someone who had everything tightened up years ago, she loved the results. I don’t know her full story and reasons for having surgery. Personally, I would weigh up the risks V’s benefits and only have the procedure done if it’s required to repair a prolapse etc. Definitely worth chatting to your GP about a referral and getting professional advice before making a decision.

Who cares mate. The risks aren't worth it. Wanna die from complications?

OP Good point. I’ll research those. Thx
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