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Has your partner had a vasectomy?

What were the costs if you had no private health insurance? Does your partner have ongoing issues? I’ve read there’s two ways of doing the procedure and the old way leaves the guy with intermittent ball pain. I’m in Perth if anyone can recommend a place to get it done.


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I'm in Adelaide and my husband had one done a few months ago. We don't have private health cover, he didn't have to pay anything but did had to go on a waiting list for a while. He's been totally fine, took a day off to recover but said he didn't even feel that bad. Hasn't had any ongoing issues.

Husband has had his about 5 years ago some he claimed on private insurance but we have corporate cover so not sure if that makes a difference. Uncomfortable for a week and of course he thought he was dying but he survived 😂 and best thing for us. We were in early 40s with two kids and finished with our family. Reflecting back he could have done it earlier but I think it was a mental thing for him.

My hubby had one about 10 years ago. I'm in Perth too but I can't even remember where he had it done or how much it was. Initially he was uncomfortable and black & blue for a few days. I recall him laying in a cool bath with a pack of frozen peas over his balls 😂 We've had no issues since. Having a vasectomy was a no brainer for us as we have 5 kids and we were late 30's so we knew we were done. After we decided to do it, we had a chat to his doctor who gave us all the info we needed. Good luck xx

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