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Newly Pregnant

Despite having a normal menstural cycle it has been recently discovered I am pregnant and not just a couple weeks 20 weeks to be exact. I don’t have a family support system and currently my husband is away working and due to COVID19 I don’t know when he will be home.

I do have some questions and yes I know I could google but I was suggested this site so hopefully I can get my answers from mums with experience.

- Nappy Changes -

How do you decide which cream to put on I have noticed there is so many creams and for different reasons how do you know which is the right one

- Clothing -

I have had a look and noticed there is singlets, singlet suits and body suits as well as onesies. My question is do you put singlet suite and body suite or is it normally either one or the other

- Car Seats -

Do you believe a capsule is worth it or straight to a 0-4


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I remember when I was pregnant with my first and I walked into a baby store and was totally overwhelmed. So much choice! It’s good to ask questions and get recommendations. Everyone will have their own preferences , but at least you will have a bit of a starting point.

Rash cream, I found a layer of both bepanthen and sudocreme worked well. But if nappy rash was bad, time with no nappy and fresh air worked the best.

I had a capsule only because if baby fell asleep in the car I wouldn’t have to remove them from the seat, I’d just removed the capsule and not disturb them. My first pram the capsule and pram was a system so the capsule clicked into the pram. There are a number of these options, so if you thing that’s what you may like, go check Out what’s available. My babies are school age now, so there are probably lots of new prams and capsules around.

You don’t need to layer with so many singlet suits Keep in mind you’re going to be making many nappy changes and if you have a spewy baby clothing changes too. So go for comfort and ease. And as a general rule, add one extra layer to what you’d normally wear yourself.

Congrats to you! Once baby comes, you will find your groove pretty quick.

 do not leave baby in capsule to sleep! pls google info on this!!!! xx
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 ^ umm never said I did. But you can leave them for a few hours without any issue.
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 A few hours! No way!!! You should also get them out often on long car trips even if you are travelling overnight. If possible have an adult sitting beside them on long car trips.

Their chin often touches their chest blocking their airway if left too long, especially if they are in a deep sleep.

This comes from someone that personally knows a family this happened to 😔

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 Yes a few hours. 2 at most. My kids are 8 and 10. Perhaps advice has changed in that time but that was what it was when they were babies. They are fine but thanks for your input.
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 Sigh. Yes and don’t use baby carries, cots anything! All Dangerous!!!!!!!
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 It was really difficult getting my son to sleep so we'd have to drive around the block (I have to laugh at the Mecca's ad with the dad and baby) Once he was asleep we'd leave him in his capsule. He's nearly 27 so was ok but looking back, yes it could have gone wrong. Things have changed over the years.... a lot. Also, the capsules back then were made out of a really hard, heavy and awkward plastic. Google some images. OMG 🤣🤣
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 If cots are dangerous where does your baby sleep?
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 ^She was being cheeky 😏
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Firstly, congrats
Secondly, Mothers instinct will kick in. Don't stress and don't overthink things. It'll all fall into place x

Theres no right or wrong answers to most of this stuff. Don't overthink it, you will work it out!
As far as a capsule goes I have 3 kids and got by without one. You can hire if you don't think its worth buying.

We hired a capsule from kidsafe for $60. 6 month hire, but if you need it longer they didn't charge extra. Both times I ended up using it for about 8 months before bubs grew out of it. I just got the basic model, didn't click in a pram or anything (I used a carrier). Was handy being able to put bub in the capsule inside the house then quickly clicking into the car, especially when really little.

I find sudocream the best for nappy rash but your baby might react better to something different. I only use it until the rash has cleared. Clothing will depend on the weather on the day. Sometimes just a singlet and bodysuit will do, sometimes a singlet and thicker/longer jumpsuit. You don’t need to use a singlet suit, but I always use them when my little one has shirt/pants or dress/tights on, just so it doesn’t ride up. Under jumpsuits/body suits I just use normal singlets.

Now car seats is on your personal preference and use. Will you want to use the capsule in the pram/carrying it around or will baby go directly in a pram or carrier? Each have some advantages and disadvantages. For me the 0-4 year car seat suited as my children mostly went into the carrier and sometimes into the pram. My 6 month old will sometimes wake up but mostly will go back to sleep when she’s lifted out. Don’t overthink too much, you will work it all out in time and if you have any issues ask your midwife, they are wonderful at helping and giving you resources to look into. Good luck and congratulations!

You need to experiment with creams. Start with bepanthen, sudocrem and ungvita. Avoid rubbish made in China. Trial and error.

Most importantly - don't slather random creams on your child's tender, sensitive baby skin. Some of the stuff out there hurts!! Try it on your self. Then their foot, their tummy and if no dramas then on their privates, BUT, keep an eye on things in case there's any reaction.

Limit it to one suit. A singlet, a body suit and trackies. No more than 1 set of press studs. Imagine if it was you - how bloody uncomfortable would that be!!

Lastly I'd say- get your first car seat suitable for birth -4 years-ish that has insertable baby pad. Safer and more nurturing for baby. Then go the 4-8.

Lastly, always follow your gut instinct.

Congrats, how amazing!!!!!!