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My daughter’ was invited to a friends house this weekend for a sleepover. After agreeing she could go, the friends parents asked us to take their daughter the following night so they can go out. We have ‘other plans’ so I declined and they got quite upset. Am I overreacting to feel like they’re using us and our daughter by inviting her over under a strings attached pretence? It isn’t the first time this has happened, and they have even gone so far as to pressure us to take their child on holidays with us. I really feel like they’re using us, even if the kids relationship is real. Am I overreacting? I’m really doubting my friendship with these people.


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I can't believe they'd actually try and get you to take their kid on your holiday! The gall of some people is astounding!

The only "friendship" here is between your kid and theirs. They're using you, sorry.

No. You’re not.

Shouldn’t have to feel obliged to have their child because you had theirs.

I’m don’t mind having other people’s kids but sometimes definitely feel like a free babysitter. Which is not cool