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Did you lose your libido after having kids? Did do anything that helped bring it back?

We used to have sex all the time before the kids. Now I hardly ever feel like it. Only mainly when I am ovulating. I wish we did it more often but I just don't have the desire anymore


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It’s perfectly natrual as our hormones are all over the place. Bit hard to feel the urge between the day to day runnings of a household including the endless demands of the kids. What I found worked for me was after a fresh shower I’d moisturise my whole body with a lovely smelling lotion, put some sexy knickers on automatically felt like a sex god 😂 and I would literally just cozy up to hubby on the lounge cuddling which lead to touching, kissing and yeah you know the rest. It’s not always about the end result sometimes we just need to reconnect through touch and closeness to awaken our sexual senses. Good luck x

OP Good tip. Thank you.
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 You’re welcome 😊
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Play with yourself everyday for a month, awaken your desire.

I only want it when ovulating too, i think that’s quite natural really, just make the most of that time in your cycle then aim to have sex 1-2 times per week on your ‘off weeks’.

My libido has pretty much vanished to I would love to no how to get it back

Are you still breastfeeding or stopped recently? It affects libido a lot but they dont tend to tell you that because they want people to breastfeed.

OP Thank you for your reply. No, my kids are 5 and 3.
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