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I can't drink alcohol.......

Without being in pain. I get a horrible pain/ache under my ribs and under my collar bones. Leaves me short of breathe. Even after only 1 drink. Ive tried zantac etc which gives minimum relief. Anyone else similar or know why?? Bloody sucks.


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OP Obviously I will but considering it's after hours and none are open I thought I would ask other people to see if anyone has experienced this also, but I do thank you for staying the obvious.
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 Oh believe me if anyone can jump it the chance to tell you to see a doctor they will, apparently this forum is not for asking opinions or relative experiences β˜ΊοΈπŸ™„
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Try cocaine instead

OP It's alot more expensive πŸ˜‰
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 But a lot more fun.
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 Amazing advice..... not!! πŸ‘ŽπŸΌπŸ‘ŽπŸΌ
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So don't have alcohol, it's not like your missing out on much, nothing about it is good really. See it as a positive, think of how much healthier you will be

OP Yes, thats fine. I can go without alcohol but it doesn't explain why. I hadn't had a drink in about a year, but tonight I thought I would have a cider and see how it goes. Big fail.
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 Try organic wine or cider then, the chemicals they put on crops are horrific.
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possible sulphate allergy? Try drinking one that doesn't have sulphates as a preservative. I get headaches from cider and you can get drops that remove the sulphates so I don't any more

Cider makes me feel very 'heavy' on the inside. I can't have more than a few without feeling the same as you. I was told it was the gas and sugar in the drink that does it, same as when people drink too much Guiness as it's a very 'dense' drink. If the Dr says there's nothing wrong with you and you end up having another drink, try something like kahlua and milk or a dash of spirits in a cup of coffee.

I'm the same, I believe it's the chemicals. I'm okay with organic wine.

Whenever I drink, even if its one drink, I get really flustered and my chest and face go red and feel really hot. I get a small ache under my ribs as well but I don't know why. It really puts me off having any form of alcohol.

Could you have a gluten sensitivity? Is it any and all types alcohol? Beer, wine, and all spirits?