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Can you use Nair cream on your anus?

No joke, I'm wondering if you can use that hair removal cream 'Nair' on your anus? I'm sick of the accumulation of toilet tissue dingles but it's a little tricky with a shaver, anyone used Nair there before?


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I put a wet cotton ball on my anus then use the nair around it. It worked just fine. No burning at all.

 I made the unfortunate mistake of getting it in my anus. Burned extremely bad. Upside however. My farts smell like cocoa butter every time.
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Use the Nair body cream. DO NOT get it IN your asshole. A few notes: Your asshole will feel wet most of the time, wiping will be weird as f**k until you get used to it, and your farts will sound like queefs. Other than that, I love it.

 I used nair on my vag this weekend and decided to do my bum as well. I havent experienced the "queef" sounds but I do know what you mean about it feeling wet. What causes that?
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 The hair around our anus is there to keep it from getting moist, so when you take that away you get a wet butt haha
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 Which Nair do you use????
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 Just use a little talcum powder. It will stop any wetness
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F**k me wish I googled this sooner. My asshole is burning send hallllp!

Let me start off by saying that I hate any sort of body hair and got laser hair removal on my vagine 5+ years ago and let's just say it wasn't permanent and not worth the money and hassle. I have to shave almost every day when I'm in the shower, including my asshole. I had a very, very bad lapse in judgement and decided to apply the Nair bikini hair remover to both my vagine and asshole and left it on for roughly 6 or so minutes. It has been over 3 weeks and I have never been in so much pain in my life.

I have second degree burns and when I go to the bathroom it is so painful that I can barely wipe if I take a shit. I live alone and don't have a boyfriend or spouse who could look at it for me and make an assessment and I am to embarrassed and cheap to go to the doctor and ask for help. It is definitely one of the worst mistakes I have ever made in my 49 years on earth. If you are thinking about using Nair down there......DON'T. You will live to regret it.

 Anyone else read ‘vagine’ in a borat voice 😂😂 sorry op
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 Quickest way to heal is to:

Boil rolled oats (not quick oats) but rolled oats...simmer it in low water for several minutes till gluggy, once cooled down apply to anus and leave overnight, should be healed in 3 days, with severe nappy rash it works wonders and u only need to use it for 3 hours or so once a day for 2 days

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 That happened to me recently, WORST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE! I’ve been using Nair down there for years now but left it too long one day. If you do get burns, the best thing to do is have as many cool showers as possible and keep it dry! Bacteria love moist warm areas so to not infect it keep it dry. I would apply a tiny bit of Savlon cream every day as soon as I’ve come home from work and had a shower, then shower just before bed and dry throughly, was sorted out within a week of doing this. Otherwise you’ll hate your life 😂
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 Use Veet
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 Try the sensitive skin one your skin may be sensitive so if you used the original one that's probably the reason burns occured

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 Also make sure it wasn't on too long
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 Also make sure it wasn't on too long
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 lol..yup! hahaha
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 It says only 3 mins
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Get it waxed. Lasts longer and the re growth doesn't itch as much. Don't try to do it at home unless you're an expert or you'll be left with a sticky, hairy butt hole

my a*s is bleeding uncontrollably now

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Trust me i tried it once it stings like a mother f%cker hence why the bottle doesn't recommend it.

 True...thts why I'm hear looking for solutions on what to do too ease the burning feeling
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 Yoooo just tried it it doessss burnnnn so bad I had it on there literally less than 30 seconds and it burned my asshole it stung so bad I had to get out the shower I put Vaseline on it and the burning went away but I tell u what I’ll never use that ish again
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I use it to do mine. Never had a problem with stinging, wetness or changing fart sounds.

The box says no. Squat in te shower and shave it

 That part lol
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my buttholw swelled up about 7 times its size

 How did your swelling go down i dis it and i have like a bump on my hole😭
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 Did it go down for
You guys? I have a bump in mine too 😢

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Why don’t you try a wax - nairs or another brand of wax that’s recommended for ‘bikini’ areas.. and that should be ok for your vag/butt? I get mine waxed at a salon and it is easy for them to wax it..

 What about teens? My daughters been asking about this as she’s a little scared to try shaving which I fully understand I told her it would be fine she’s just worrying but the bloody girl won’t have it
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  Nooooo!! Don't do it. I got second degree burns using Nair's for sensetive skin around my bum.
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Oh god! Lol.
Yeah maybe not. Unless you don't want to sit down for a week! 😂

Don’t leave it on too long since that’s a sensitive part of our body. I use it every two weeks on my goodies lol only time i burn myself is when i left it on too long other than that I’ve never had issues. I also use coconut oil on it after I’m done.

 I would do that but I’d probably get too carried away 😏
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Wow I never knew people were so hairy there. I reckon I make up for it with my hairy shorts though 😉