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Can you use Nair cream on your anus?

No joke, I'm wondering if you can use that hair removal cream 'Nair' on your anus? I'm sick of the accumulation of toilet tissue dingles but it's a little tricky with a shaver, anyone used Nair there before?


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You have to use the sensitive skin one. If you use the normal one it will sting.

In 20 years time you're going to look back & think wtf was doing removing hair from my butt like it really mattered. What a waste of time energy & money. Do you do porn is there an actual reason for this? How many people see your asshole on a regular basis? If it's a man then he's not the one.

 If someone shuts in your hair do you just grab tissue to wipe it off because if you do I have some news for you.
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Just did this last night for the first time and the results were amazing!! There was slight stinging when I washed it off but it’s all good now. ALTHOUGH I’m pretty sure some got up my a*s... and now my stomach is cramping a bit, leave it to me to get Nair up my a*s.
Don’t leave it on for more than 5 minutes and don’t go over any spots more than once!!!

I use Veet for sensitive skin and never any problems.

I normally use the nair with rich cocoa butter and vitamin E. Never had a problem just make sure you dont do it if youve been shitting like crazy and your a*s is basically raw cause that shit stings! But ive never had any problems with it. But like someone mentioned earlier your farts will sound like queefs haha

Ive used it on my vajayjay with no problems. Might be a little trickier back there though.

It depends on how much hair you have between there because of the hairs too short your just burning skin in that case your better off shaving it off .. if the hairs are thicker and longer it should be fine to Nair off without any burning. Also DO NOT !! I repeat DO NOT !! Wipe, clean, irritate the area for it will be too Raw and will burn after a few seconds of contact with the Nair it’s best to do it after a few hours of it being left alone

Omg I put it in there before researching. Mistake!!! 😭😭😭😩😩

The only reason why using Nair would burn your butt hole is if it was already previously irritated somehow. If you just stuck something up your a*s the night before, your butt hole is too raw to be using something as powerful as nair

Can you use Nair for men on thighs and on outside of butt

 That’s the only nair I use. The one for females burned me when I was pregnant and I never went back. The one for men seems more sensitive.
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I was thinking should I use nair to get rid of my but hair lol and I was like sure why not... BIGGEST mistake of my life , it got in my anus and holy shit it hurt like the devil took his pitch fork and put it in my ANUS, it burned sooo bad. It hurt so bad to the point where I was tearing up and shaking it didn't hurt on the inside but holy crap did it hurt on the inside . BE CAREFUL

i’m really confused on what to use i’ve never had a problem with nair or veet on my vagina but i’m scared to use it near my bum

I have same issue, too much hair there make so itchy, and they keep growing to inside. Doctor just treated it as haemorrhoids and nothing helped.