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Can you use Nair cream on your anus?

No joke, I'm wondering if you can use that hair removal cream 'Nair' on your anus? I'm sick of the accumulation of toilet tissue dingles but it's a little tricky with a shaver, anyone used Nair there before?


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In 20 years time you're going to look back & think wtf was doing removing hair from my butt like it really mattered. What a waste of time energy & money. Do you do porn is there an actual reason for this? How many people see your asshole on a regular basis? If it's a man then he's not the one.

I normally use the nair with rich cocoa butter and vitamin E. Never had a problem just make sure you dont do it if youve been shitting like crazy and your a*s is basically raw cause that shit stings! But ive never had any problems with it. But like someone mentioned earlier your farts will sound like queefs haha

Ive used it on my vajayjay with no problems. Might be a little trickier back there though.

You have to use the sensitive skin one. If you use the normal one it will sting.

i literally did this lastnight using the sensitive coconut oil one it actually works really good on my bikini area and stuff but i probably wont be doing back there again!! i just put some desitin nappy rash cream over it to soothe it and hope it heals soon! i’m going to the gym tonight aswell defs no cycling for me 😩

my butt hole burns little but I’m so glad my vag doesn’t but my butt still burns

Waxing hurts way too much for me. I use nair on my bikini line-not the whole thing bald, just the sides and no problem. I never get itching or ingrown hairs with nair. I haven't tried it on my b-hole yet but I'm going to try it. My A-hole is so hairy that you can see the hairs sticking out my crack if I wear a really cheeky bathing suit. Hairier than my husband who has a full chest of hair. I don't know why it's so hairy but I can't wait to try it. I think I will try the wet cotton ball thing and maybe some vaseline too just in case.

I just put nair all over my vag and anus and it BURNS!!! I do NOT recomend and now my butt feels all moist 🤮🤮🤮

I use bait like once a month and every time I do it my a**hole bleeds but I looked it up and it just says it normal cus of the vains or some shit. I do get the wet thing because it happened to me too and that’s why I wear thongs now

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I’m actually doing it as I type this I find if you avoid the actual hole you will be fine I’ve had no pain other than the smell of the cream it was fine for me