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New iPhone

Are you excited ?


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Answers (9)

No. I'm not a phone junkie. Excellent way to waste money.

 Bet you smoke
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 Bet you are a 12 year old
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 I'm neither mother fuckers
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 You're definitely trashy tho
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 Is trashy someone that earns under $50,000 to you?
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 🤣😂🤣😂^^^^ hilarious
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No. Why are you? Perhaps you should take up a hobby....

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Nope, who cares! The moment they bring them out over and over the novelty has well worn off

Real housewives not on tonight luv?

 What’s that ?
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Sad sad individual you are

 You are jealous
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 😆 of what? The way you probably live your life to try impress other people. I live my life for myself & my family I don't feel the need to impress other people. I have no debt, comfortable savings & growing- you know you get that? By not throwing it away on useless shit & keeping up with the jones.
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 Not to impress others
I have $50k saved
It’s Jones’

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 ^^$50k? Is that all? Double that Hun and then boast about it
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No, ive still got a 6 plus and it does me fine... Reckon ive still got another 2-4 years before i need upgrade...