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Romance novels. Who reads them.

I am addicted to reading. And my main genre is romance. none of my friends like romance though they all like fantasy and crime and stuff. But i feel there is so much hate in the world that i love a romantic story that leaves me feeling good about life who else likes romance and what books/authors


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Nora Roberts is my go to for Romance. She encorporates her romance into alot of different genres often as trilogies and as far as Romance go they are satisfying but not particulary erotic although they do feature sex. I like Rachael Johns as well for australian authors and Rachel Treasure but her stories are more about the strong country women's lives and happen to feature romance rather than being strictly romance. If you like something a bit meatier then you could try the Outlander Series. it is not a quick read and features other themes but it is well written, has alot of romance in it and sex. Lots of sex. Marion Keyes and quite a few of the female Irish authors write romance that is funny as well satisfying.

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Erotic romance count?

 Yes they count 😜 im personally not a fan of erotica cause i find them repetitive. However i will read them every so often.
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*whispers* I do...
But I'll never admit it to my name. I only have them on my phone though. I have a heap of Jennifer Connors, and obviously the 50 shades trilogy (although I admit I don't like those ones). And a couple of random other ones but for some reason they're not showing up on my phone.

I love a good romance, but lately I've been a bit addicted to Jasinda Wilder - most of her series are pretty good. A good amount of sex, but also storyline and good characters. Haha.
Go the Alpha series first, and then read Alpha One Security series. Didn't so much like the Door series.

Love Rachel Treasure' early novels, last couple not so great. Also Crissfire series by Sylvia Day, so much better than fifty shades.

 Crossfire series.
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 Loved the crossfire series
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I read lots, not one genre specifically. Hey why not if you enjoy it.

My favorites are
kristan Higgins
Rachel gibson
jill shalvis
Emma chase

I do love the outlander series but have to be in the mood for it.
i like books that have a romantic story a bit of sex is ok but i dont like when the sex overtakes the story

Meg Cabot wrote some really good historic romances. The Reed Brothers series by Tammy Falkner is really good

Sleeping beauty by Anne rice (it's the adult version and night not be what u expect) 😂😂 I loved it though

 That is NOT a romance
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I've just finished reading "Fly in fly out" and "The barbershop girl" by Georgina Penney.

You could also try...
Debbie Macomber
Danielle Steel
Barbara Hannay
Christine Feehan
Nicholas Sparks
Stephanie Laurens
Sophie Kinsella
Johanna Lindsey
Diana Palmer
Sheila O'Flanagan

So many more too! It depends on the type of romance you prefer eg. Paranormal, modern day, war, olden days, erotic, Australian...

If I'm hunting for a new author I head in to my local library and follow the heart stickers 😝 or if I'm lazy I jump on their catalogue and have a look that way and either reserve the ones I want or take a list of authors in with me to look out for. Pretty lucky though coz they have a free ebook app too so I can log into that and look through the genres on their as well.

I love Abbi glines, she does more young adult but has some amazing addictive series. Same with Kyle Scott who's an Aussie writer.

Rachael johns is great, outback sisters and talk of the town are my 2 favs (country romance)