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Idris Elba. Hot or not?


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Nuclear fission hot !.
He should have been the next James Bond.
So much spunkier than most of the others, except perhaps Sean Connery.

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For an older gent, yes.
I’m not into older guys like that though lol. I like men my age.

I'm not physically or sexually attracted to black dudes at all or asian guys. Not a single one, ever🤷‍♀️

 Not even the giant black penis?
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 ^ive been with a few black dudes. The big penis thing is a bit of a myth.
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 You might have just been unlucky. Don't destroy my fantasies.
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 ^ haha! Perhaps. But I’d hate for you to have your high expectations dashed should the opportunity arise
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 I disagree The “myth” from my experience...
i was a total travel wh**e. I travelled for 4 years and slept with a lot of men from different countries and backgrounds and ethnicity.
The more melanin, the more penis lol. Generally speaking.
The German guy I spent time with was pretty decent size but he was also like 6,4.
I once dated a 6,8 Angolan man, who I actually couldn’t have proper sex with.
I dated an African American, similar problem though there was some positions I could handle.
I find South Americans a nice mix in every way 😂 they skin is caramely and their penis is often the right amount of “large” as in almost all positions are possible... but hello.
Top 4 smallest penis of seen is (in order of smallest to slight less smaller) is English. Maori. English. English.
Scandanavian are a surprise strong shower most don’t realise .

Yes I have slept with a lot of men. And fooled around with even more.
Black is absolutely a stereotype for a reason.

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 ^clearly I’ve been unlucky then.
Or maybe lucky with the other men I’ve been with haha. Now to clarify I’m not saying the black guys I’ve been with have been small, but not definitely not the largest I’ve been with. The largest by far being a white Aussie dude. Perhaps the conclusion here is not all black guys are massive ? As a fellow travel
Wh**e I can also say not all Asian guys are tiny. Always exceptions to the ‘rule’.

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Doesn’t he have the virus? If so, he’d be hot.....with fever.

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 Nana, is that you?
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 Yes dear, it’s me. Hello.
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 Hahahaha. I would have said the exact same thing 👍
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 Isolation is bringing out the ‘dad jokes’ in me.
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 😂😂😂😂😂 love a good giggle
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