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Alternative use for Xmas pud

I have Xmas pudding I was gifted at Chrissy that I forgot to regift as my fam don't like it, (only just found it in back of cupboard).
What else can I make out of it?


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Use to make cake balls/truffles, dipped in melted white choc.

I like to warm it up and eat it with milk.
Keep it till Christmas this year and regift it. A lot of the ones I've come across last for years. In my experience, if I was facing an apocalypse and needed to store food, the Christmas pudding is damn near indestructible, and only gets boozier as it ages. If you leave it out in the sun/oven for long enough, they go rock solid (the ones without the booze in them). So maybe you could use it as a doorstop? 10/10 would recommend for doomsday prepping.

OP Hahaha I can see it now, people asking me where did I get such a novelty doorstop from 😂
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