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Tattoos of kids names

What did you get done if you have one?


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Don't have them. Don't really understand why people get them. Is it to prove how much you love your children?

 I find it really tacky and so bogan. There was a guy on Australia's Greatest Bogan who had his kids names and dob so he could remember them. That's the sort of people who get their kids names tattooed on their bodies.
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 I know it's like you only love your kids if you get their names tattooed on you!! I think my kids will be grateful I didn't get their names on me!!!
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 No it doesn't. A tattoo is an extremely personal choice and one that is basically perminate, you always get something that has meaning and a great deal of meaning when getting a tattoo. For some people it is pictures, others quotes, some names and dates, this is because of a sentimental reason. Everyone can choose what they put on their bodies and what they don't, it isn't a measure of love but a form of expression.
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 You can't even see ones on your back so it's more like showing off to other people!
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 There are plenty of bogans without tattoos... Stop being so judgemental.
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 I don't have any tattoos either. But the question was what do you have if you have them, not do do you think getting one will prove my love for my children. Really, why do you need to give an unsolicited opinion on this? Why can't you just keep on scrolling if you've nothing helpful to add to the conversation?

I don't think it proves anything other than a personal expression. I have a necklace with my kids names on it, does that make me bogan? Does it prove I love my kids more than someone who doesn't have similar necklace?

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I have a tattoo on my back of the big tree in yard of our home that has held the swing I've pushed all my babies in. On the ground around is the first gift they really asked for from Santa. I have 2 more to add as they grow up enough to make that impossible decision. I will also add the initials in hearts carved in the tree as they marry

 How long did you plan this out? It sounds beautiful. How old are your children?
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 I stared planning it out when i was pregnant with my 3rd. Got the tree with the swing when #3 was 6 mos. I added all 5 toys when #5 was around 4. Then I got 2 special surprises who are too young to add yet. My oldest 17, has a very serious boyfriend. It got me thinking about what to do as they grow up aND have children
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 What happens if they divorce?
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 I'm not 100% certain that will be what I do, but I've thought about that too... i was thinking I'd add lil monkeys to the tree for each grandkid.
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One thing ive learnt and stuck by over the years us to never knock someones tattoo! 😉

I have my daughters name and dob on the inside of my wrist just below where my watch sits. She is named after an album by her father's favourite artist, so I got her name done in the album cover font. Although it is fairly big, most people don't even realise I have it, no one at work has noticed it (majority of my colleagues are anti tattoo and make a big fuss if they know you have one). I love it and don't give a rats about anyone elses opinion of it.

Still think it's bogan, 'cause most of the people I see with them are bogans.

Tacky, tacky, tacky.

 Agree. And have you ever notice that people that get tattoos are usually pretty messed up in all aspects in life?
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 Tacky AND Bogan.
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I have my sons handprint with his name over the top and will be getting my second sons handprint and name as well

I haven't got it yet, but I have the design ready to go. It has the words 'usque ad extremum vitae spiritum retinebo' in 3 lines in black, with my daughter's first name curved around the top left corner and her middle name curved around the bottom in right corner in pink and a gothic looking butterfly and heart to fill in the gaps.

My kids names in the infinity symbol

 Just like everyone else...
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 Oh stop trolling the infinity symbol is lovely and other may have it because it has great meaning in many cultures so meh to you troll
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 I thought the same thing. People talk about how special their tattoos are and how they got them to be an individual, but they get the same tat as everyone else. It's a bit clichéd anymore; that's all.
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 No most people who don't have them think people get them to be individuals.

Most people who get them get them cos they like it/want it .
Pretty simple.
Don't like tattoos? Don't get one.

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 I live tattoos. I have several; i'm more inked than not. I just prefer originality.
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 So get original tats then. 👍🏻
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I don't have it done but a friends husband has his kids, I think it is very sweet of him but I wouldn't expect my husband to get it done. Tattoos are not us.

 My friend got a great portrait of his daughters and his wife got pregnant a month later. When they added in his boy, it wrecked it.
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I don't have their names, I have "my love, my treasure, my daughter" in Scottish gaelic text on the side of my forearm. I want a peice on my back as well but i can't decide what yet

Maybe these women that think ink looks bogan actually live in bogan areas............ ❓❓❓❓

I have a vine/pattern running from my elbow up across my back and down to my opposite hip. I'll be adding my sons name into the vines when I get the chance.

After I'm done breast feeding Iv got a design that's got a moon and a wave but more symbols sort of design not a realistic picture cos that's the meaning of my firsts name
Then I will just use a script writing for my seconds as her middle names are her great grandmothers so it will all be on there.

My son is a born hockey fanatic. I have his first initial in the style of his fav team's logo on one ankle. My daughter is a singer so I have the melody line of her favorite song around my other ankle

 I love tattoos that have a personal meaning but aren't just a name.
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