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Tailbone pain after forceps delivery

Have bad pain like I thought would go away and was normal until I saw someone on a local page post they had forceps delivery and their tailbone is messed up also. Now I realise there's more to this for me. I can't sit for too long, lyi ng down even hurts and walking too much. At first I thought was normal and now after a quick Google it seems it's common with forceps deliveries? Anyone else had any issues? Seeing a doctor tomorrow anyway so I'll bring it up


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Tail bones can be bruised or broken during forceps deliveries. An x-ray should shown a break. A hear a bruise should go in a few weeks. Would be interested to hear any advice on broken tail bones. Good luck!

 Have broken my tailbone. Nothing helps. Sit on tne rubber donut pillow, get a padded toilet seat and wait it out is all you can do
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 You can get the donut rubber pillows and form cushions from the chemist. They may have to order it in for you but yes you have to wait it out
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