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Formula thickener for hungry baby

Anyone had any luck with it? We've tried a million formulas and found nan comfort works for our now 9 week baby. Don't want to risk changing and making him sick again so thinking of using thickener for helping at night time to fill him up amd sleep better.
Has anyone used it on non-reflux Babies? I know I can but just wondering personal experience


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Maybe Bub just needs to feed more often. He is only 9weeks old.

 Yeah maybe try this. Some babies (like adults) eat more than others. Is he a bigger baby? Maybe he just needs an extra feed a day. Also maybe hes not always hungry maybe he just likes the cuddles and comfort.
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 This. They're not meant to "sleep better" at 9 weeks old.
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OP It's not just the sleeping. It's not filling him and he MCHN said try it also as he's been fine on this formula so don't change if I can avoid it as others made him unwell
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You can buy thickener to add to formula, I used aptamil and just added it. I used it because my daughter thought throwing up on people was an Olympic sport.
You may need to get bigger teats I used a 3 flow. Also don't add the thickener until right before you give it to him or it will be too thick. I gave a little bit of farex in the bottle before bed to help her sleep longer at about three months. Hope this helps.

You can have my new can on aptimil gold. Bought the wrong one. Are u in Melbourne! ?

OP I am actually. But I don't want to change him again
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Man comfort needs the thickener that's what my maternal nurse said.
We are on aptimal and have the aptimal thickener. It takes a little while to get used to what dose is right for your Bub. For my daughter half of the spoon is what suits her. Too much and she will throw up.
Other then that it does help settle her and we do like the product.
Although she is still a very windy baby

OP Yeah it's really thin, and he's really windy. Thought I'd try thickening it seeing as its one that is okay with him rather than starting that horrid journey of looking for another that might be okay
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 9 weeks old is really young to be switching formulas without allergies. Feed Bub more often.
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 What are you talking about??? Some mums have no choice but to switch formulas multiple times because one formula doesn't work or suit their babies needs! Stop giving shit advice on an issue you clearly don't know much about
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 Key word is some.
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 How about most mums. Look it up on many parenting forums.
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 My advice is only shit because it is not the advice you want.
We are strangers on the internet, you don't know me so you clearly don't know what I know about the subject.
If mummas stopped stressing and relaxed a bit they would be a bit more patient and auctually give formula changes time instead of chopping and changing all the time.

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 And you don't know the whole story with this mum. Maybe her child had a reaction to the formula, maybe she gave the formula 8 weeks and it's not working. You know jack. She asked for recommendations on thickeners not your opinion on her decision to change formula.
If you can't be constructive then how about scrolling on?

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OP My baby was in special care and the formula they had didnt agree and he was sick. i've changed twice since he came home and found nan comfort is the only one that works for him. I changed after being told to do so. Have been on the same one for about 5 weeks now. This post is asking about a damn thickener not why people chose to/had to change formulas! I wish there was a delete post button because this is just stupid now
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 So you have only changed twice. When you say a million that is an obvious exaggeration but one would think it was more than twice.
To me I gave constructive advice if you don't like it as you said scroll on. This is a forum, no point posting if you are going to get all uptight about others replys.
If Bub required special care maybe a ped or a premmie baby clinic (premmie or not) if there is one in your area would be more helpful if you have not already accessed these services. The premmie clinic near me also offers sachets of formula to try so you don't get stuck with a whole tin. Mine had a trial shelf of everything you could possibly think of (no doubt thickners... even teeny tubes of teething gel)
Probably more unwanted advice 😊
Have a good day ladies

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 If you have found a formula that works stick with it.
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OP ^^ that's why I posted this thread to begin with I wanted to know if people had used thickener to keep the baby fuller for longer. My son's gaining more than enough weight so its not going to hurt him and I've been told I can use it with him..just wanted anyone's experiences lol
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 Diffrent commenter- if your son is gaining more than enough weight why does he need a thickener? I am clueless about subject and am curious, not judgey.
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OP To stop him snacking on like 30-50mls at a time and hopefully keep him fuller when he has a bottle, not just a tiny snacks all the time if that makes sense
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Karicare have a baby thicker but can only get in chemist it great and for newborn breast and formula fed