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Do you wear old clothes for cleaning house,Cooking and baking ?


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I wear active wear to clean the house as I tend to get hot and sweaty and if I am doing bleaching I’ll strip down to undies so don’t ruin clothes.

Yes. I wear old clothes around the house no matter what I’m doing..... unless of course I’m expecting visitors.

Always as I clean everything with pure bleach

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No because I can not be bothered changing and dirtying even more clothes to add to my already enormous pile of laundry.

Always. I never fail to make a mess that lands on my clothes. An apron wouldn't do it for me.

Not really.
If I have a really busy day of housework planned (spring clean, big clean), I'll usually wear active wear. And if I'm baking I'll wear an apron as I am hopeless and always make a mess lol.
Saying that, I'm a SAHM so most of my clothes I wear during the week are pretty comfy anyway.