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Can anyone share any super quick and easy toddler dinner ideas?

My go to cheat toddler dinner is scrambled eggs with veggies and whole meal toast. What does everyone else do when they need something super speedy and easy?


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Mince and Pasta, MAC and cheese, steak and mash anything either pasta, protein and veg

My go to quick meals are
-avocado on toast topped with spinach and either feta cheese or a poached egg
-bacon and salad wraps
-platters with cheese, veggies, dips, meat etc

My kids love my pasta bake. Cook some mince in a fry pan while boiling some pasta, strain both (the mince we get at my local Woolworths is sooooooooo fatty) and put in a baking dish. Mix in a big can of tomato soup and a heap of puree veggies in with mince and pasta then top with cheese and bake for 20 minutes. They always ask for seconds and have no idea of the amount of veggies in it lol. Even hubby loves it and he hates veggies lol