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What do you hate about yourself?


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Nothing. I’m fu****g amazing

 You’re a cinch
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 Same here. I mean sure I look like a morbidly obese man beast. But I really really love ALL of myself! I'm amazing!
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Nothing.. I love myself to death and you all should too 💕

I hate my past i wish i could escape it...

 You have! Now your living in every moment of your future 😊
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 & if it pops up in your present when you least expect it?
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 Then Just smile and keep on moving. Keep it in your past. You are stronger now and know more, that's why you can smile😊
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I think it's sad so many people have such negative thoughts about themselves!
Maybe you could all focus on one thing you like about yourself everyday until you realise how great you really are 💙💚💛💜

My lack of confidence, my social awkwardness, that I don’t back myself

 Me too!!
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Stretched skin tummy overhang from pregnancy. No matter how much weight I lose, it won't go.
Other than that, I'm quite happy with my appearance.

Personality wise, I hate how badly pms affects me. I turn into a horrible, miserable person when I have pms.

 Honestly how Stupid are you ?
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 ^honestly how rude and obnoxious are YOU?!!!
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 Why do you say I'm stupid?
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 ^hey you are not stupid. Only the person saying you are stupid is showing their own insecurities.

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I have been on a self improvement journey for just over a year now and I’m really loving and respecting myself more.

I wish my hair was thicker, but overall I’m really happy with myself . Life is a journey, so hopefully I’m continued to be blessed with time to work on myself.

Everything really. Everything looks, everything personality and everything else. Not happy at all. Just existing sometimes for my kids :(

 Don't give up on yourself!! When the kids wake up ask them what they love about you. It might cheer you up.
Can you talk to your doctor? I'm sure there are so many wonderful things about you, just look harder xo

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 Thanks so much for your reply ❤️
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 ^It's true! Did you ask them? I reckon you're probably a really kind mum and someone I'd have a beer with 😊
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 They’re a bit little to ask and get a reasonable response! I know what you meant though and there are good qualities I have but sometimes it’s harder to step back and tey and see them, rather than just be faced with the same crap in life.
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 ^They might not be able to answer you but i reckon you can read an answer I their eyes.
Just look at their beautiful little faces when they see you. That'll tell you, jyst being there makes them the happiest souls on earth! And they are a reflection of you. So you must be a pretty beautiful soul as well xx

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 Awww thanks lovely for your kind words. Nicest response ever. Yes they’re adorable and I do have some good quality traits but they’re just not shining through right now I guess. but deep down they are there and you are right I have lovely kids that I adore and they do adore me. Just tough times I guess.
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Why was my comment deleted? Was someone really mean to me. Probably.

Fat tummy
Fat arms
Why cant i be petite
Im a size 12 and 167 cm tall
Hate the chubby look

 You can’t be size 12?
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 I am, but cant get rid of my overhang after two c sections.
Hate my chunky arms.

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 Because trolls are always going to be short fat and ugly 😁
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I’m actually very good looking so physically I’m happy.
Personality wise I generally have a very good realistic outlook however my biggest weakness and flaw is wanting to get revenge on people who do me wrong.
Also I can’t stand if something is unfair. I feel like things always need to be balanced and If they’re not, it gets to me. I’ve been like that since a kid. Nothing would bother me more than if something was unfair.
What helps is that I’m aware of my flaws so it better helps me to control them.

 I also have a thing about unfairness. I get really angry and feel the need to hurt someone if they do wrong. I never would, it just runs through my mind. I know though that it stems from my childhood. My dad was sexist and treated me very unfairly compared to my brother. My brother thought it was funny and would make up lies just to see me get in trouble. My brother had a great childhood with lots of experiences but I was made to stay in the house ( apart from school ) because a female only needs to be in the house according to my dad.
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Everything. Not a happy camper at all.

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 There's your problem. Don't camp. Glamp. Be a happy glamper 😁
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I hate how easily distracted i am. Wish i could find a hobby that i could stick to & would make me money.