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Incognito mode.

How many of you ladies are embarrassed about coming to this page and sneak on it in incognito mode so your families don't know about it?


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I don't tell anyone about it. I'd hate them to read my posts and work out it was me!

I have never used incognito mode ever. What's there to be embarrassed about this site and why is my family going to go thru my phone?

I discuss some of the things on here with my hubby!!! He doesnt read it but I ask what do you think about this. More the philosophical / political type questions , not the personal ones

I'm not embarrassed about coming on here but I don't openly tell everyone lol I've posted a couple of questions today love that it's all anonymous

I so use incognito mode for this!! My husband would have a field day knowing I'm doing this all day!